Monday, March 27, 2017

Use AD/AS diagram to explain the likely effect of an increase in Income Tax

In reference to your content knowledge and paper 1a writing:

Where are you now?
I think I am in the 6/10 range for the formative.

What specifics do you need to focus on? 
The feedback I got was that I did define a lot of definitions (a bit too much), and I also didn't really answer fully the question. I also realized that I didn't give a real life situation.

What will you do to fill your knowledge of skill gaps? 
In order to fill the knowledge gaps, I will try to re-write this formative once again, and see how much I improved. I will probably do the same with other topics that we learned during class so that I can get the hang of it. I also need to guide the readers about the diagram that I drew, and have a reasonable explanation as to why that happened.