Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Economics Reflection

What did you learn by looking at the work of other Graded students? 
From looking at the work of other Graded students, I realized that I needed to make my diagrams clearer and not just state how the diagram looks, but actually show and lead the readers to why the diagram looks like so according to the example that is given. Not only that, but I saw that a student wrote definitions for MSB, MSC, etc, which was a good example because it makes it clearer. Thus, instead of defining that in the beginning of the paragraph, I would define it when guiding the readers about the diagram so that it makes it clearer. 

Based on looking at the work of others, what changes will you/can make to your communication? 
Based on looking at the work of others, I realized that the clearer you write, the better it is to understand what I'm trying to say. Therefore, I will try to make the sentences shorter and more precise instead of dragging the sentence. Not only that, but I would give two examples instead of one meaning I would give the example of the consumers as well as the producers. 

On a 1-7 scale, where do you feel you are now? What are you doing well? What do you need to work on? 
On a scale from 1-7, I feel like I am currently in the 4 to 5 range as I didn't include the producer's side to the negative externalities. Therefore, I would spend more time working on that, and I also need to define a little bit more terms so that it makes the writing more concise. Something I thought I was doing well was that I was following how to write a paper 1, so the organization was alright, but now I need to work on the context in it more.