Monday, October 10, 2016

Reflection on Learning Economics

As for now, I'm understanding the laws that we are learning in class. However, the graph of the signals, and incentives kind of confuses me a little bit. I do understand that the price has a signalling function as well as an incentive function, but when I try to put that on a diagram, I'm not too sure if I'm doing the right thing. In the formative, I did try my best to draw a diagram of it, but I wasn't too sure whether what I drew made sense. I do believe that I am being organized in my studying because I try to highlight the important information in my printed booklet (take notes of it), as well as ask questions to Mr.Pierce when I'm not understanding a certain topic we're learning in class. Even doing so, I still have parts where I need to improve on: knowing the definition of the terms fully, being able to connect those terms with each other, and have a stronger analysis in general by explaining more. A core value that represents myself would be "responsibility" as I always complete the homework on time, and come to class on time. However, something that I need to work on would be a "risk taker" as I should start reading articles in real life (such as news), and try to include them instead of giving a vague example.

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