Sunday, March 6, 2016

Steps to Throw and Trim a Pot

Steps to Throw a Centered Pot:
  1. Gather all the materials that are needed to throw a successful centered pot such as the needle tool (to check the thickness), the wood piece (helps make the pot a cylinder shape), bowl of water, sponge, and kneaded clay.
    1. Make sure that the clay is well prepared without air pockets because it will damage the outcome. The amount depends on how big/small you want your cylinder pot to be.
  2. Put your prepared clay on the flat, wooden board preferably on the center. Make sure that your clay is on the board firmly, or else, when working with the wheel, the clay piece will fall out.
  3. Before turning the wheel on, check which direction you want the wheel to spin (clockwise vs. counterclockwise). It depends on every person, but right-handed people usually prefer to use counterclockwise while left-handed people use clockwise direction.
  4. Always make sure that your hands are wet when working with the clay (dip your hands into the bucket of water)
  5. Allow the clay to turn using the pedal and control the speed as you work with it
  6. Keep the clay tight in your hands
    1. While doing this, sit close to the wheel and and keep your elbows tightly against your body
  7. Keep the wheel turning fast, and slightly push the clay forward with this position until you feel that the clay seems to stay in place/shape
  8. Slow down the wheel, and place your thumb on to the middle of the clay and start pressing downwards. It is important to just work on creating the dent in the clay instead of bringing it sideways. To avoid making a place instead of a cylinder, make sure that your hand is secured on the outer edge. Don’t go too deep since you might create whole on the bottom. In order to check this, use the needle point until you reach the right thickness.
  9. Wet your hands and start pulling the clay outwards. Make sure to create the 90 degrees when doing so.
  10. Once you’ve reached this step, you are ready to bring your clay upwards. Press your your hands between the wall of the clay and start bringing it up slowly. Continue this step until you reach the desirable height and thickness. It is very easy to get the walls outwards, and so if this occurs, don’t panic and get the wood piece and place it right next to the clay standing 90 degrees and this step will allow your clay to get in the right position.
  11. When the pot looks good to your eyes, then you can clean the plate with the sponge and wire the pot so that when it dries, you can easier separate it from the plate you worked with.

Steps to Trim your Pot:

  1. You can trim once your pot is leather hard, and bring the tools you need: trim tool
  2. Place your pot on the trimming board and adjust the size to avoid your piece from flying away
  3. Always place your other hand on the base of the pot and start trimming
  4. To avoid making a plate, or curved end, make sure that your trimming tool is straight and the excess will fall off. The easier way to work with this is to hold the tool in the right way which is the put your hands around the wood part and control it with your second finger.
  5. You are done when your piece of smooth and straight

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  1. Good job, Seo Hyun!
    Are you following all these steps? Do you feel you made improvements?