Monday, May 4, 2015

Process - Human Figure

         The steps to being this project of human figure was to make a rectangle, and to make this process easier, it was best for me to use a soft clay. Then, with one end of the rectangle, we had to shape the shape of the face by technically squeezing it. While working on this process, I remembered not to make the face too big since when I drew the human figure, I realized that the face of the human’s size was actually way smaller than I thought it would be. Because I knew that this part was a rough draft, I just basically kept squeezing the body into shape, and only tried to get the overall shape since I knew that the details would come after.
        Once I got the general form of the figure, I then decided to work on small things such as working on the legs, as well as the chest. Not to forget, that in the beginning, I didn’t make the arms since I knew that it would be harder due to the fact that it would always get in the way when I wanted to change, or add something. I was fairly proud of the process I was able to make in the beginning of the class because I thought that I would end the class with basically a square-like body structure, however for the first class, I was able to do many things. To make the form of the breast as well as the butt, I had to push the clay from the body and add it to the place where it those shapes were going to be at. It was quite hard to make a perfect appearance (in my eyes), and due to that, I decided to add clay and really blend it in well to prevent air bubbles. Not only that, but I also had to divide the legs into two parts from a block of rectangle, which wasn’t the easiest thing. However, I think with the help of Ms.Ariani, I was able to end it well.Moreover, while building this structure, I always kept in mind to keep the proportions (4 face fitting in the upper body, 4 face in the bottom-body).

       Additionally, I had quite a hard to deciding which pose I wanted my clay to be in. At first, I was thinking of making it into a ballerina, and making it stand. Yet, I noticed that making the project stand on one of it’s legs would be very difficult. Because of this, I just decided to make it in a position of sitting down but at the same time, having it’s arms positioned so that it looked like it had some ballerina-feel to it. :) Also! While doing this, I always had to keep it in mind that she had “bones”, and it I wanted it to be in a certain position, the body structure would all change as well and it couldn’t be like spongebob!!

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