Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Analysis - Expressive Human Figure

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To start off, the purpose of this project was to represent a human figure but put an expression to it. Before working on this project, we worked on the human body figure which was learning the proportions of the human body. With this, we had to apply it and make it into a pose. However, for this, it didn’t have to be perfectly proportional like the other one. I didn’t know what pose to make, but I knew for sure that I wanted it to have an elegant feeling to it. Then, thinking about ballerinas and figure skaters, it just came into my mind that I should make something that has those pose to it! Due to that, I watched the famous figure skater (Kim Yuna) in Korea, and studies how their body moved to see if it would help my new project.
To be honest, I thought that this project was going to be easier since we already learned the proportions, and how to make a human figure. However, even though making the body was easier, putting it in a pose was very difficult. Furthermore, I knew that there would be only a little bit of a time making this project, which made me feel like I had to rush a little. In the first class, I was able to make the overall shape of the body, and in the second class, I put small details and starting to put it into the position I wanted it to be in. Then, for the third class, I really worked on putting it in the shape (which didn’t turn out too well), and for the last class, I needed help to finish the project and put it into the pose (I also had to stay after school to finish it which was totally worth it).
Moving on, the difficulties I encountered were trying to make the figure into the correct pose. The clay was usually too soft to mold into any shapes, however, when I did try to put it in a pose, it would just always crack which resulted in adding more clay to it to stick them together. Not only that, but every time I did something to the figure, it always got un-proportional which I never understood why. This led to making the legs looks extremely short. Even though I really wanted to fix this in my own, I needed desperate help because my project was falling apart! This stressed me because in my other project, this didn’t happen as frequently in my last project. Also, because the project was very small, every little finger movement I did affected the clay even more than my last one’s (very delicate). Furthermore, making the legs was hard for me because it was bent in the wrong place, and also, the legs looked chalky instead of looking smooth. Also, the arms were quite hard to make since it looked very unrealistic. It was thin and was bent in the wrong part, which made it look like the figure had no bones. To solve this problem, I re-made it, and made it thicker this time as well as bending the right way.
I was able to express the feeling I chose wanted it to be in! (Thank god!)  I tried to make the pose as a figure skater putting her hands horizontally while having her back going towards the floor (hard to explain). My expressive figure didn’t really have a certain feeling to it. It was more of an elegant-like feeling to it. To come to this conclusion, I first made the body all proportional, and then I started to put the arms high up in the air and bent it, while putting the head downwards as well as her whole back. During this process, there was a lot of helping needed as mentioned above (cracks, turning unproportional, etc.) Not only that, but also one problem in the end was trying to make it stand. I thought this would be impossible because she also wore shoes in which were very thin and had a blade on the very bottom. Due to that, I talked to Ms.Ariani, and she said that we could put a wire and connect that to the base of the project. Then, Ms.Ariani gave final touches to the project, which was making it all.
photo 3.JPG If I were to do this assignment again, I would just give more detailing to the project. I actually really liked how it turned out! However, if there were more time, I would’ve put a dress to it because that was my original plan. Not only that, but also put detail into the shoes with laces and everything (minor things that aren’t too important). To enhance the feeling to it, I would’ve maybe put a face expression to it, instead of making it blank. Or, maybe over exaggerate the pose that I put it in. For my project, I didn’t try to put what the human figure itself was feeling, but more as the overall elegant feeling to it was my main goal. Overall, I’m very glad and happy that it turned out just as how I wanted it to be! (Of course, without Ms.Ariani’s help, I wouldn’t have achieved this goal).
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Monday, May 18, 2015

Introduction - Expressive Figure

The purpose of this assignment was to represent a human figure and put an expression to it (exaggerated). Right before working on this project, we did the Human body figure in which we learned how to sculpt a human figure out of clay with the correct proportions. For this project, we had to apply what we have learned and make it into a pose. The different thing with this project was that it didn’t have to be perfectly proportional like the other one.
Moving on, for my expressive figure, I decided to make it into a figure skater pose. I just wanted to make something really pretty and something I really liked doing. Due to that, I decided to make it into a figure-skater pose. Even though I knew that it was going to be almost impossible to let it stand on its own, I just loved, and could imagine what it would look like. (Picture below)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Analysis - Human Figure

To start off, the purpose of this assignment was to create a human figure, with all the accurate proportions. In other words, it was also to learn how our overall shape of the body looked like. This project did definitely help me understand and learn the proportions of the Human Figure as stated above. The reason is, before starting this project and sculpting it out of clay, we had to draw it in paper. While doing so, I learned so much! For example, the biggest part that shocked me was how small the head was compared to the whole body! At first, I thought that I drew it wrong since the head was so tiny, however after asking Ms.Ariani, she said it was correct which really surprised me even more. She explained that because we only look at the heads of the people while talking, our brain just sees the head bigger than it actually is. Not only that, but the arms seemed to be really long, and the legs actually had more shape and feeling to it, than just a stick-like figure. Additionally, it was very important that the head fits in 8 times of our whole body, and our shoulders were 3 times wider than the head. When I actually started sculpting, this drawing and notes I took extremely helped since I knew which part to focus on, and look out for.

In my opinion, I believe that I was able to maintain the proportions of the body accurately since I checked how many times the head fit almost every single time I did something just to make sure that I wasn’t making anything more stretchy (such as the legs) or making the body shorter by accidentally cutting the legs off. Not only that, but really making the perfect proportion of the human out of clay really seemed very interesting, and fun to me!
The challenges I faced was much less than what I had to go through in my last project which was the Ancient Replica. In the beginning, I was worried that I would have to go through an extremely stressful stage, or accidentally break something (which thankfully didn’t happen). Anyways, the hard part was always putting the project back wrapping it in a plastic bag because I knew that it would get out of shape. Not only that, but because I didn’t want my sculpture to be flat on the back, I always put sponge to protect it, which ended up observing all the water it had. Because of this problem, I decided to literally wet my project before putting it back which wasn’t the greatest idea, since the head fell out. However, it was still very nice the following class I had due to the fact that the clay was very soft, and easy to mold. Unlike the other big projects I have done, which I didn’t have to really worry about them breaking since they were so strong, every time I held the project to turn to work on the other side, I was afraid that it would break since it seemed too fragile. Not only that, but in the beginning, trying to make the shape of the breast as well as the bum bum was quite difficult. I didn’t quite know how to make it look like, and at one point, I just felt like adding clay since pushing the clay from above and below was too hard (which I eventually ending up doing). hehe! Also, looking at how my other friends were making it really helped since it showed me how I should be moving my hands, and make them. Additionally, it was hard to get into the pose I wanted it to be since she had “bones” as mentioned before, and every change in small movements affected the whole body. However, with the help of the awesome art teacher, Ms.Ariani, I was able to go through that process well. :)

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the result because it came out better than I had expected it to be. Not only that, but when I was in 6th-7th grade, I’ve always seen these human figures in the 2nd floor of the art. Whenever I saw these projects, I always used to think, ‘wow... these high schoolers are so good at sculpting human body.. I wonder if I will be able to do this when I grow up!’ It was so cool, and brought back memories when making this because I felt that time passed extremely fast. Getting back to topic, the proportions were correctly done since the head fit 8 times, and the leg separated while still letting the length of the face fit 4 times. Not only that, but I also shaped the back, which also had a long dent in the middle, as well as the detail in the elbow, etc. However, what I could do differently to improve the final results is to work faster with the clay to prevent it from drying and cracking. Another part I would definitely work on would’ve been the arms, since it didn’t seem to be equal as the other one because it was too thin. Not only that, but I really wanted to fix the foot part, and put a show... However, I didn’t have enough time to make one. Of course, if there were much more time, I would’ve spent more time on each other parts of the body such as the arms, legs, back, neck, breast, etc. Yet, in this quite short amount of time, I really liked how this overall sculpture turned out, and can’t wait to work on the next one! :D

Process - Human Figure

         The steps to being this project of human figure was to make a rectangle, and to make this process easier, it was best for me to use a soft clay. Then, with one end of the rectangle, we had to shape the shape of the face by technically squeezing it. While working on this process, I remembered not to make the face too big since when I drew the human figure, I realized that the face of the human’s size was actually way smaller than I thought it would be. Because I knew that this part was a rough draft, I just basically kept squeezing the body into shape, and only tried to get the overall shape since I knew that the details would come after.
        Once I got the general form of the figure, I then decided to work on small things such as working on the legs, as well as the chest. Not to forget, that in the beginning, I didn’t make the arms since I knew that it would be harder due to the fact that it would always get in the way when I wanted to change, or add something. I was fairly proud of the process I was able to make in the beginning of the class because I thought that I would end the class with basically a square-like body structure, however for the first class, I was able to do many things. To make the form of the breast as well as the butt, I had to push the clay from the body and add it to the place where it those shapes were going to be at. It was quite hard to make a perfect appearance (in my eyes), and due to that, I decided to add clay and really blend it in well to prevent air bubbles. Not only that, but I also had to divide the legs into two parts from a block of rectangle, which wasn’t the easiest thing. However, I think with the help of Ms.Ariani, I was able to end it well.Moreover, while building this structure, I always kept in mind to keep the proportions (4 face fitting in the upper body, 4 face in the bottom-body).

       Additionally, I had quite a hard to deciding which pose I wanted my clay to be in. At first, I was thinking of making it into a ballerina, and making it stand. Yet, I noticed that making the project stand on one of it’s legs would be very difficult. Because of this, I just decided to make it in a position of sitting down but at the same time, having it’s arms positioned so that it looked like it had some ballerina-feel to it. :) Also! While doing this, I always had to keep it in mind that she had “bones”, and it I wanted it to be in a certain position, the body structure would all change as well and it couldn’t be like spongebob!!