Monday, April 20, 2015

Introduction - Human Figures/Proportions

In this new project, we are working on human figure and proportions. Basically, you have to make a realistic human figure with all the proportions of the body correct which is 8 faces fitting in vertically in the whole body. Before using the clay to actually sculpt it out, like always we did a sketch. However, something that was a little different was that we had to write what we noticed on the side. What I learned during this process was that the head was actually way smaller than I thought it was. Not only that, but the arms were longer than I had expected them to be. I decided to choose female for the gender, and am still thinking of a pose I could put it in. Below are the the picture of first, the “design” meaning getting to know the proportions, and the other is how much I’ve done until now! :)

photo (2).JPGIMG_4679.JPG

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  1. Great start, Seo Hyun!! Your figure has progressed really well, keep it up!
    Could you please add the notes you took on your drawing about the proportions of the human figure? It would be great to see what you found out as you drew your figure...