Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Art Ceramics I - Analysis

To start off, the purpose of this project was to create our own ceramics using the coil technique and our creativity. Making our own creative object was quite hard to brainstorm. Due to that, I started out by just drawing macarons, some cute characters, and a swan. At the end of the first class, I was in doubt whether I should make the macaron or the swan due to that, I asked Ms.Ariani, and she responded that it would be better if I made a swan since it has more movements. Not only that, but I figured out that there were many ideas and sculptures of swan. Due to that, I was in doubt whether I should keep with this, or try to make it my “own”. Because of this idea, I tried to put designs such as crowns, necklaces, and thought about making the wings with different shapes. However, because I ran out of time in the end, my swan that I imagined was a little bit different. The wings were made quite differently thanks to the help of our teacher, because she had the idea to put a coil and blend it.
Moving on, what needed to be included was different textures as well as movements instead of just plain creation. Due to that, I tried make the movements in the wings, as well as the neck (which is kind of shaped like the number 2). When you just see it by itself, my project may seem plain without much movements or textures, however, it was quite difficult to make the neck. Thus, some challenges I have encountered while working on this project was especially the neck. It was a very fragile thin part, due to that, I had to make a base that was strong. Not only that, but mentioned in my previous blogs, I have discussed about how my base was circular rather than oval. Due to that, in the middle of making the body of the swan, I had to re-shape it by using my hands. Getting back to topic about the neck part, as you can see in the pictures on the bottom, the first creation of the neck was very bent and didn’t look much like a swan. At first, it was hard to notice because I was working right in front of the project, however, when I backed up some steps and looked from far, it seemed very weird. That’s when I noticed that I needed to do some fixing. At first, I tried to shape it with my hands. This wasn’t such a great idea because it started to break, and have cracks. Yet, after some time and much patience, I was able to shape it into something I wanted it to look like. Because this part of the project was so weak, and wouldn’t stay in shape, I needed to use the sponges in order to make it stay like that.
Furthermore, I also had to make my own coils nearly at the end instead of using the extruder because the thickness had to be quite thin instead of thick. When making the wings, it came out differently than what I expected. I was imagining to put in more textures and add another slab with shape. Sadly, I didn’t have enough time, and used a coil to blend it. Overall, even though this final product wasn’t something I was imagining, I still really liked how it turned out. It felt very simple, but at the same time, it had a movement which looked very “modern”. If I would do this project again, I would definitely work faster, and add a lot more details. In conclusion, it was a very fun yet challenging project, and I would love to do something like this again! :)


  1. Hi Julie!
    I really liked how you worked with different ideas along the project to make it more creative and more your "own". Since there isn't a picture of the final project it is hard to tell how the final details looked like on the swan, but after personal seeing it for myself before, I loved how some of the movements and designs you did shape the swan.
    My advice for you would be to work a bit faster during class or come after-school to finish what you couldn't do in class. Something else I would suggest would be to put pictures in this blog so that your audience can see your final project and how it differentiated to your first idea. It was very smart for you to use sponges and I can see how they helped you maintain the structure of you project, maybe for next time you could try doing a thinker neck or a more sustained neck. Otherwise I think you met the criteria and did a fantastic job, and even though it didn't turn out exactly how you wanted it to be, the results worked good for this project and looked amazing. :)
    BY: Josefina P.J.

  2. Hi Julie! I was right next to you when you were creating your project and I think its one of the most beautiful ones I have seen in a long time. I really liked how you had the different stages to adding the details to your swan. I really loved your touch of adding a crown to your swan it made it look adorable! And the fact that you did it to add your own touch to it is super cool! In general your project was definitely one of my favorites, due to design and technique.


  3. Dear Seo Hyun,
    Your project successfully met the criteria in terms of movement and texture but I think you can add more creativity when you decorate it, making it more original.
    You really worked hard on this project and most of the times very independently trying to solve all the challenges that were posed during the process. As you said, the neck was not easy and the movement that it created is quit elegant.
    I agree with Josefina when she mentions about the use of after school as extra time for you to work, I do not think you should rush through the process, but maybe you just needed extra time. What I recommend is that next time, check with me if you feel you need some extra time to complete your original idea and we can make some adjustments, ok?
    I also think you should add a picture of your final piece so it will be easier to understand what you describe on your analysis.
    Looking forward to seeing it glazed!