Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Analysis - Ancient Pot Replica

The purpose of this assignment was to create a replica of an ancient pot. Not only that, but this project was to see how well you could replicate something you haven’t seen or made before. Furthermore, we had to research the pottery that we chose, and had to use a coil technique in order to make it.

As mentioned before, the criteria of this project was to see how accurate you could make the pot using specific techniques such as the coil. I believe that I have met the criteria due to the countless help of Ms.Ariani’s. While creating it, I had so many problems, and obstacles I had to go through. To start off, some difficulties I had while making this pottery (replica of an ancient pot) was to make it proportional. As mentioned in the previous blog, I required endless help from Ms.Ariani due to the fact that I kept making mistakes. One of the biggest problems leading to this was due to the fact that when I was blending the clay, there wasn’t any support. Because of this, I had to basically re-start everything. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do everything again since she came and did a huge “surgery”. 
What she did was cut the part where it was not proportional and fixed it. In my opinion, the most difficult part of this project was the body of the pot. Even though I tried my best to really make this shape the same as in the picture, it just didn’t come out right every single time. I believe that what stressed me more was the fact that I really wanted to make it perfect, and make it look as identical as the ancient one. Furthermore, when I was looking at my pot, I had everything in mind of how to make it and trusted myself in doing so. Since this is what I believed in, I started out without measuring, but instead eyeballing everything. This caused a big problem because it was so different than what I had expected it to become, and because of this, I restarted everything. Not only that, but the base of the project was not centered, and also, the body part of the project didn’t close fast enough to create that oval shape. To solve this problem, I put the coils almost flat to the other ones and blended it. Moreover, I really wanted to make my project smoothe and all clean. However, in the part of the decorations, it was extremely difficult to smooth it out since the small designs were so small and the gaps between them as well.

The ancient culture I chose to work on was the one that came from China in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - A.D. 220). These kinds of pots are still well preserved until this modern day. They were colored with copper to produce green or iron to create yellow or brown. These were used as substitutes for valuable possessions. Not to forget that they were usually decorated with simple, colorful designs onto unglazed fired pieces. The design on this piece are all supposed to be very simple, but still having a small design on the sides. I really like how this pot looked simple, yet quite shiny and beautiful at the same time.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t say that this was the best project I’ve ever made. After going through endless of problems, challenges, I really disliked my project and felt like giving up. Comparing to my first project, I definitely thought that this one was harder because we needed to have specific measurements, and also had to calculate. Not only that, but the other project was more like our own design where we could do anything and wouldn’t be wrong. Whereas for this piece, we had to be accurate. Lastly, what I have learned with this project was all the mistakes I’ve made when making it. Even though I went through a lot of difficulties and felt like crying and destroying my project, I learned so much from it. First of all, I learned that working with ceramics could be a little bit stressing when it doesn’t go the way I want to, and also, sometimes, a big surgery can really change your project a lot. Not to forget all the mistakes I’ve done really helped out on getting to know this project well, and generally about ceramics. Overall, I still enjoyed working on this project, and hope to use what I have learned in my other projects!

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  1. Dear Seo Hyun,
    Despite the panic you felt at times, as you described on your post above, you were able to persevere, try to fix whatever was not working and reflect upon it, so you could learn from your mistakes.
    Sometimes, things might look easier than it seems, but just by doing it and experiencing it you can fully understand the process. This is not only with ceramics, but for sure is what happened here with you, right? It's interesting that after we work with clay we learn to appreciate it a lot more, don't you think?
    Well done, I am looking forward to seeing your final piece fired and glazed!