Thursday, February 19, 2015

Art Ceramics I - Process

First, I started out by making the base, and a mistake I’ve done was instead of making it oval, I made it totally circular. I had to first knead the clay and then put it on a slab roller (explained in my other previous blog). Then with a needle tool, I just used a plate and cut out a circle for the base. Right after doing that, I used the needle tool again to make scratches, and to the coil so that it would stick together well and avoid destruction later on. At first, I was confused of how to use an extruder so I started out by using my hands to make the coils. Thankfully, because I was with a friend who knew how to do it, I slowly learned how to use the extruder and started using it (which made my life so much easier!). In the beginning, the speed of putting coils, and blending was much slower since I wanted to make it “perfect” in my own eyes. However, I noticed that I was taking too much time, due to that, I just put several coils and then blended it later on.
After some time, I realized that my base and the body for the swan was too round. Since I made the base round I well, I just had to shape it oval with my hands instead of starting all over again. Thus, I actually found out that I was pretty easy to shape them with my hands (since it wasn’t too wet nor too dry). Thus, after shaping it out, I really liked how it looked and could imagine right away how my final piece would look like!  
photo 2.JPG Not only that, but some difficulties I went through was making the neck. At first, I didn't notice anything wrong with the neck. However, I just kept looking at my project from far, and noticed that it was not proportional. Due to that, I had to make it thinner and make the neck a little bit longer. This part was quite challenging since I had to change it by squeezing a little bit which created some indents, and it would easily break. Thus, to solve this problem, I put more clay into it and blended, as well as putting sponge to make it stay like that. Also, I realized that I had to make a strong base for the neck so that the weight of the coils wouldn’t destroy my project. :)

As you can see, the neck in the first picture was very bent, so then, I fixed it by making it thinner, and more like the shape of number 2. Moving on, my hopes for this is that the wings will be very big, with different textures, and shapes, etc. Oh! Not to forget that I’m also going to be drawing a little pattern on the bottom of the swan’s body which will hopefully look pretty!
Lastly, the tools that I’m mainly using are a needle tool, extruder, blender, and sponge. That’s surprisingly about it. Also, the little “cake stand” makes the project so much easier because you can see everything and fix just by twirling the plate. Before, I just used a newspaper under which was quite difficult since I couldn’t see the other side, or I had to make the whole thing which was a mess. In conclusion, I'm very happy with the finished product, and can't wait to do many other projects!
photo 4.JPG

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