Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Art Ceramics I - Introduction

In this class, art ceramics 1, we are taught different aspects of how to use clay, and ways to create different projects. This semester, we have to write a blog explaining, and showing what we have learned during the process of working on our project. In this project, we will first be working on coil project, which is to make a sculpture using thin, long coil to add onto each other and make something new, and creative.
For my creative piece, I decided to make a swan with texture, as well as a cute little crown on top and different patterns. Thus, it would have a lot of movements as well since the neck part would be “wavy”, and the wings would be in different places as well.

Moving on, in order to start making this project out of clay, we had to use a slab roller to make the base of our project. A slab roller is basically a “machine” where you have to roller, and put the clay on the table. However, it’s important to never forget that we have to place the clay under the cloth (since I forgot that, and accidentally made a mess). Not only that, but it’s very important to make sure the level on the bottom is just right, since we don’t want our clay to be too thin or too thick. Due to that, it would be better to start out thick so that as you go on, you can add more “wood thing” and adjust it to the perfect thickness.
Secondly, for our coil project, it’s very important to use the extruder since you don’t want to take a long time making each coil every time. Basically, it’s also a “machine” which helps make perfect round coils that can be used to build our structure. Additionally, since we would have to blend some parts, and add texture (which would take quite some time), this tool really helps us save time.

(Slab Roller)


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  1. Great start, Seo Hyun!
    I just would like to recommend that you add the objectives and expectations for this project, so later when you need to analyse your results it will be easier.