Thursday, January 29, 2015

Is democracy better suited to some places than other?

In my opinion, I agree that the government all depends on the country’s geography, climate, culture, religion, and other factors for a great government. However, I do believe that the world should move towards elections and checks on governmental power.
To back up this argument, there were several different people such as Locke, Rousseau, Montesquieu, and Voltaire who agreed upon this similar aspect. Such as Locke’s teaching of life, liberty, and property. Not only that, but by choosing representatives, it can avoid having someone in power that everyone hates; for example, Bloody Mary. She was a good ruler and kept peace, while winning the conflicts. Moreover, Charles I is also a great example since he wasn’t a great diplomat. In fact, he kept dissolving, and fighting the Parliament as well. Moving on, another form of democracy was from Rousseau. He wanted a government for the people, not representatives, so that people could directly change laws instead of the delegate. Even though it might not have been the greatest choice, it was a start.
On the other hand, there was Montesquieu, who wanted democracy where you would vote for the representatives in a divided power. He believed that democratic elections are the best system of protection of liberty, and that no one was above the law. Until these days, his idea of democracy is what is being used these days. Lastly, Voltaire had discussed about freedom of expression and thought which as you can see, there were so many valuable people who wanted democracy more than a monarchy. Due to all this, I think that people should be given a choice, opinion, and power equally. Additionally, this is what makes us, humans calm a little bit down, instead of having a dictatorship. People have a strong say on everything, but it’s not as impossible as a direct democracy.
In conclusion, I believe that democracy can work in any country, and changes are what makes us develop. Or, people should choose on their choice whether to have a representative government or an absolute rule (which would be a disaster). Overall, I’m just trying to state that having a monarch would make a little bit more trouble, and make humans more aggressive if something doesn’t go the way they expect it to. Due to that, it would just be a little better, if we all had a choice to choose and see the outcome.

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