Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Will China get better?

In the year 2050, I predict that the energy situation in China won’t be great in condition, however, I do believe that it will become at least better than today. These days, one of the biggest problems in the world is about how much coal China is using. According to the National Geographic, since 2008, China’s mostly used energy source is coal as mentioned above (80%). Furthermore, the renewable energy they are using is only about 13%. It has been proven that China is using more coal than any other country (including the U.S.). For United states it is 501.9 Mtoe (energy use in million tonnes of oil equivalent), whereas for China, it is 1839.4 Mtoe. The International Energy Agency’s 2013 World Outlook said, “Two thirds of future growth in energy demand will come from Asia, led by both China and India." Additionally, what makes it worse is that this country is the largest emitter of the greenhouse gases.
Currently, there had been several news world wide talking about how the air pollution was so bad that the people couldn’t even go outside. Because of this, the government is seeing a huge rise in hospitals since people are constantly checking to see if they have any infectious diseases from the air such as lung cancer. According to Mrs.Beck, she had discussed during class that the problem is: as the poor people develop into middle classes, and become richer, they use more and more energy since they have money to access it. Because of this, the country has to make more energy. Yet, it is sad that the country is consuming less energy than their number of population. The population is 1318 million people, however the energy consumption is 13,380 million barrels of oil equivalent. What gives hope however, is that they are currently taking actions to make things better. Again, the graph from the National Geographic, shows that in 2035, China will slowly change. For example, the percentage of using coal has decreased to 55% from 80%, and renewable energy usage increased to about 27% from 13%. Thus, the hydropower as well as the wind power is the two main renewable energy sources.
        For me, my proposal for China on what would be the best course of action to take is to burn less coal, but instead, to seek for more renewable energy sources. Already, by looking at different sites, it does tell that they are focusing on solar energy, and wind energy, which is amazing. The government announced that their plan is to increase its own solar power capacity to 1.8 GW by 2020. What’s more, is that China is one of the world’s largest producers of photovoltaic cells. Half the hydropower installed worldwide last year was in China. According to research, it is stated that about 11 dams are under construction, and should be done by 2020. Not only that, but solar and biomass electricity are predicted to grow 10 times more during 2010-2020. As you can see, a lot of changes are already being made, due to that, I strongly do believe that there is going to be some changes made to make China a better place than today. A place where people can safely go to tour, breathe normal air, instead of buying cans to actually breathe, and confidently decrease the amount of people visiting the hospitals.

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