Monday, November 3, 2014


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.27.37 PM.png VS. unknown artist
Mary       Van Passe

We believe that the most reliable source in this site was 12) Pocahontas written by Mary Ellen Howe in 1994. The reason is because it was stated in the passage of how she studied about Virginian Indians. Moreover, she evaluated all of the paintings, and in this painting she tried to make Pocahontas as close to reality-looking as possible. Not only that, she didn’t have any intentions in making money and as she said that her motive to this masterpiece is that she wanted to portray this beautiful woman with a great story and didn't want to publicize her story. This painting is the most reliable because the intentions are correct and much research was done from a secondary source which wasn’t affected by emotion and didn't have any historical conflicts with the Powhatans. This document may be compared to the Pocahontas painted by Simon van de Passe, and as well as Booton Hall Portrait painted by unknown English artist in likely 1700s. What she changed was that she put brighter colors like her beaver hat was white, her hair pitch black, and her skin tone was a bit darker, and painted it closer to an actual Powhatan woman. What she did similar to van Passe was the same dimpled chin and the high cheekbones. Furthermore, as you can see in the paintings above, you can tell that they are quite similar to each other. However, these were the slight few changes that were made. Lastly, we may conclude that we now know the estimate of Pocahontas’s true appearance which was most reliably brought by Mary Ellen Howe through her research and pure motives to recreate such a beauty.

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