Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What did I learn from my peer review?

What I learned from my peer review was how peer review really helped my understanding of what was essay and how it was. For example, I learned how many "and" I used, and also figured out which vocabulary words I should change. Moving on, I also noticed how many literary devices/literary elements I used in the story even though I wasn’t keeping it in my mind at all. However, I didn’t really find the grading from the friends too helpful, due to the fact that, because we are all friends and everything I really didn’t want to give a harsh grade (well.. at the same time, my partner was actually really good). Due to that, I felt that everything other than that, also involving the plot diagram really helped in the peer review. Next time, I’ll definitely look out at how many words such as things, and, stuff, so, lot, etc. I am using!

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  1. Good start! However, make sure if you are talking about peer review, the examples you give are about the peer review process as well.