Monday, October 6, 2014

Prisoner’s Dilemma Game

When playing the game, all of our team were going by the negative side which was choosing red, so our points went to negative all of a sudden. Yes, I found myself motivated by winning, and kind of a desire for everyone to win. Later on, when the two leaders made an agreement to keep choosing blue, I didn’t quite believe it was going to happen. I knew that one of the two groups were going to betray and just try to win. Well, that mind kind of changed when the other team kept choosing blue with us. I felt that everyone should win and get the cake. However, that definitely did not happen, and I guess I wasn’t too surprised about it. Due to that, I also wanted our team to betray by choosing red the whole time and just both of us losing. Yet, our team were really nice and all hearty and said that it was better to lose by saying the truth instead of lying and winning. That reminded me of the quote, “I'd rather hear an ugly truth, rather than an obscure lie.” Moving on, I didn’t know that there were only 7 rounds, so one of my choice was to keep them winning and get close to 20, and then once they are really close, just let them keep falling by choosing red all the time. I knew that doing this would make them feel really annoyed, etc. Overall, while playing this game, I learned that humans are all about winning, or making others feel bad, and this is exactly the reason why I tell myself not to fully trust someone unless they are your family. (Wow.. I feel so negative writing this :P)

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