Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vision Board Reflection

Why is this goal important to you?
For me, these goals are important for me because these are what I really like, and like to do. Such as playing violin, piano, baking, drawing cute things (kawaii), donating, recycling, and becoming a teacher. This whole thing basically sums up, and tells what, and who I am.

What are some steps needed to achieve this goal?
Some steps needed to achieve this goal is to practice more instrument (violin and piano). Such as trying to practice every once two days. Not only that, but baking is something that I really like to do. However, these days, I can’t do them because I’ve moved on to High school, and a lot of things are going on. However, to improve on my baking skills, I’m going to try to bake at least every once two weeks, with new recipes. Also, I really like drawing, so I’ll probably draw every week, even if it’s not something big, just sketch, and have fun!

What is necessary for me to do (actions) to start taking these steps?

It is necessary for me to give up other things that are occupying my time. For example, I feel like during the weekends, I can finish my homework fast, and not go to facebook or other social medias, but instead do these things that I mentioned above to improve on them. Basically, I guess not procrastinating, and always keeping on track will help me take these steps.

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