Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Discussion #3 Reflection!

        I believe that I definitely did a good job in smiling, instead of looking all serious like last time. Even though I mentioned this in class, it was even easier because Juan was here, which I think made the mood brighter than before. This was my discussion, and since everyone in our group was present (not by video chat) we all were in focus talking altogether. Moreover, my goal last time was to not interrupt, and to smile constantly instead of looking very sad, and poker-faced. Due to that, I always waited for the other people to finish talking, even though I was extremely eager to say it. Sometimes, I just changed subjects right after one of the members were done with their ideas. Due to that, I should improve on adding on, instead of being selfish, greedy and talking about subjects that I want to talk about. 

This is a video clip that shows me how I laughed and improved on my smiling skills during the discussion. Sadly, I ha to sit in the edge and due to that, it was harder to find a clip that really showed me the improvement. However, I, myself noticed while talking that I constantly tried to have an expression. Yet, I think smiling too much in a discussion isn't appropriate so I did try to have some serious times, but at the same time show my expressions to others instead of looking bored.

Moving on, this is a clip that shows me how I tried not to interrupt on people, and wait as well. Not only that, but I also did my best to listen to others as if I were a teacher. I just wanted to let everyone feel comfortable, and have some fun in this discussion (which really worked out pretty well)! This is a suitable example of my growth because as you can see, in my previous examples, I pretty much kind of interrupted and was a bit disrespectful, however this time, I tried to wait to share my opinion. 

          By working on these types of activities, it's great for us, because we can learn as a student, and maybe for future, we can really use this to help us. Not only that, but there are always something that you should get better in. What is good about filming it, is that while watching what we were doing, we get to pay more attention and find many mistakes where we can definitely get better at. Overall, I'm really enjoying these kinds of activities, and hope to practice more for the future! 

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