Monday, April 7, 2014

Dance Videos Reflection

1st Video:
         When watching this video, I thought it was amazing of how the dance matched very nicely together. It seemed as if the girl was a handicap and so the man was trying to help her out. I love the ending part because it was just a post, but it was something that left us behind our minds. Also, because it had some ballet moves, I thought it was very pretty, and touching. Each movement touched my mind, and inspired me to practice ballet. Not only that, but I wondered how long they practiced to make everything so cooperated and same at each moment. 
         After re-watching the first video and knowing the meaning of it, it kind of changed my impression about the dance, yet not too much. At first, I thought it was a handicap however noticed that it was the son helping his mom out. It made more sense after that, and made me concentrate more into the lyrics in the second time. 

2nd Video: 
         The second video was very interesting to watch. It was short, yet powerful at the same time. Moreover, I couldn't really guess what the guy represented however it seemed as if he was a spider trying to get the pretty woman. It was very cool because the dance was matching so well with the beat of the music. 
         Now that I learned the meaning behind the dance, it really changed my impression. To me, this was my least favorite dance, however learning that it was a humming bird with a flower, it really changed my opinion. I thought it was pretty the second time I watched it, now that I knew that it wasn't a spider at least. 

3rd Video:
         The third video was very different from the two that we watched. The movements in this dance was very short and powerful at the same time, especially when it seemed as if the man was controlling her. Also, what I thought the story went like was that the woman didn't want the man to leave to work, and after she kept begging, it didn't work out and so the man just left. 
         This last video didn't really change my impression since I already knew that it was about a woman not wanting the man to leave. However, the characters really surprised me. I didn't know the girl was a type of girl that had piercings and everything. Not only that, but as the class said, the man in the suit looked a lot older than what he looks like while he is practicing. 

Overall Reflection 
         At last, I liked the first dance the most above all. Then my second one would be the second video, and third, the third video. My thoughts changed because it was 1, 3, 2. Yet, now that I know the story, it really did change my impression about the song and the dance as well. What I didn't like about the 3rd video was that, it really showed that she was showing power, however it seemed as if she was going extremely crazy jumping up and down (just isn't my style). While, the first and the second video was calmer, which I loved the most about. The reason why I liked the 1st video the most was because it seemed more fluid, with bigger movements. In conclusion, I was able to see that all of the groups practiced for a very long time, since they matched so well together. 

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