Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chamber Practice for Orchestra

   To start off, Ashley and I have been partners for the Chamber Practice. Mr.Faria, our Orchestra teacher, chose a music for us that he thought was challenging, but at the same time the one that was enjoyable. Moving on, we are both right now practicing really hard for the final show. 

        To make this happen, we have to be great communicators, and responsible which are the core values. The reasons to back this up is because without communicating and not being responsible, we won't be able to practice together as a partner. In other words, it means that we won't make nice, beautiful music out of it. 

        Currently, we both now need to work on making crescendo, and piano (dynamics). We still have a lot of become better at in this specific piece of music, but we are practicing to make it better! 

         Moving on, the core value that we need to become better at is risk takers. We both thought that we did a really good job in practicing, however when we recorded our selves playing it, we noticed a few mistakes that we really had to fix. Overall, I believe that I have improved during this quarter, and I am eager to learn more and become even better at it! 

This video was taken when we almost started the music, due to that, we weren't too great at it however, we did practice a lot after that, and I personally think it got better. 

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