Thursday, April 17, 2014

Belly Dance Hip Hop Fusion Reflection

          Even though I missed a whole week of school (Choir), I still was able to learn belly dancing in a class. Now, this is a totally different experience. Since I was young, I've always thought that belly dancing was somewhat like a dance of a snake. In other words, slow, sneaky, and just waving your belly. However, in this class, the video that I saw and learning belly dancing from it was very different. It was extremely powerful, strong movements, and a lot of shaking your belly strongly. 

          Moving onto the questions, I think fusion means blending together. You really need to blend your body and the music together well to create that nice belly dancing just like the one showed in the video. Not only is it with you, but you really have to work as a group, and practice a lot so that you could blend altogether as one.

          Until now, what I liked about the dance was doing the poses in the beginning and starting the dance. I think that way, it catches people more interest into it than just starting moves in the start. Not only that, but I really like the head turning point, and also when we're in the ending, it's just too powerful and you just really have to move your body as hard as you can. After I was done practicing this dance, I felt really dizzy of using too much force, but I really like it!

          On the other hand, what I didn't really like about the dance was that we had to move our belly and hip so much. Now I know, that's the point of belly dancing, but I was expecting it to be much smoother when this is just hitting it. For me, because my hips and belly is rock hard, it's really strange, and difficult for me to do it smoothly. Not only that, but I thought the music choice wasn't so well. I wanted it to be more of a soft, romantic song. Instead, it was very..... weird?

          The steps of styles that I would take away and use it in my own choreography is definitely the beginning, where we do those different, unique poses. Not only that, but also the ending, meaning ending it in a very powerful hand and body gesture. Last but not least, I would also take away the part where we are almost in the middle twirling our head, and doing this "come with me" hand gesture!

          Lastly, the main difference I found between this dance and other styles of choreography we have done this semester is that this dance is very, and extremely powerful. Meaning, you really have to put power into this to be able to make this dance alive. (Not saying that our dances were powerful... ) Secondly, this dance involves a lot of hip moving. I found that there were some hip moving in other groups, however it wasn't the one like this video. Thirdly, the difference I was also able to find was that this music involves a lot of wave. Also, you need to be very flexible, which I found it hard. Overall, I really do enjoy this kind of dance, and hope we learn more deeply into it! :)

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