Thursday, April 3, 2014

Accelerated Math!

Do you believe accelerated math has improved you, and why?
I believe that accelerated math has improved my math skill level. The reason is, if you keep practicing and solving the questions, you will improve. Not only will you just improve on how to solve it, but you will get faster at it. Howe`ver, for people who don't want to do accelerated math, and just feel lazy, they won't improve. Not only does this just count to Math class, but it's for Humanities, Science, BSS, etc. 

Did you enjoy it? 
I can't say that I enjoyed it, meaning that I was eager to work more on it. However, it wasn't horrible for me. I just thought that it was nice to be reviewing math that we learned in class. I think that this site really helps other people get better and make math easier for them as well.

Did it improve my math skill level?
There are things that I learned while doing accelerated math, however it can't be said that I learned math from this site. To me, this is just a reviewing site, in which you have to solve a problems. It's really helpful, and sometimes, when I do this while listening to music, it really calms my day.

Core Values 
Accelerated math is connected to the core values responsible, and risk taking. Responsibility, because if you aren't responsible, and can't divide the time to work on it, then it means that you aren't trying your best. I thought it was helpful for Mr.Swartz to divide the number of objectives ready to test we had to do in for example, two weeks. Moving on, but it is also risk taking. The reason is if you aren't being a risk taker, then by the time you have a hard problem, you're going to give up on it.

Would you prefer traditional assignment or accelerated math in the future? 
Moving on, I think that I prefer traditional assignment because the teacher teach orally where in accelerated math, you just keep solving equations. Due to that, I think it's better to first learn from the teacher, and then solve challenging problems instead just going straight into it.

The recommendations that I wanted to give was to not divide to time for us. It's helpful and everything, but we are now grown so we should now learn and be able to do it by ourselves to get ready for high school and further on. Other than that, I thought this was very done, and I hope the new 8th grader will enjoy it.

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