Friday, April 25, 2014

Health Scenario 5: Min Jung

Scenario 5 - Min Jung 

1) What physical signs of an eating disorder is Min Jung developing?
The physical signs of an eating disorder that Min Jung is developing are eating a lot of junk food, and eating a lot during meal time. Not only that, but also seeming like she's gaining weight but sometimes losing weight. Moreover, it was told that she ate with her friends at lunch, but noticed that she went somewhere to spend time by herself which is probably going to the bathroom to vomit her food that she just consumed. 

2) What emotional/mental/behavioral signs of an eating disorder is Min Jung developing?
She felt like she had no control in her life, and felt isolated and alone. Moreover, she thought that she didn't have anyone to talk to about her feelings. She also uses mother's laxative pills after meals, and overall feels bad. 

3) What eating disorder do you think she has?
Due to all these reasons, I came to a conclusion to believe that an eating disorder she has is bulimia. 

4) What other signs of the eating disorder (not mentioned in the story) could you look out for?
Probably Anorexia Nervosa due to the reason that often Bulimia and anorexia happens together for similar reasons. For example, they are both afraid of becoming overweight, low self esteems, guilt, depression. As you can see, they both have similar reasons of occurring, but it's that anorexics don't eat and vomit (that's why they are underweight), when bulimics eat a lot then vomit (hard to see who ar bulimics, since they are usually in normal weight). 
Yet, bulimia and anorexia have very different effects on their body. Anorexics suffer from low immune system, weakness, bone density loss, low blood pressure, liver failure, as well as other organ failure due to the lack of nutrition. Whereas bulimia are more onto the digestive system due to vomiting too frequently. Not only that, but bulimics often suffer from severe stomach cramps, acid, inflammation of stomach, and tooth decay. 

5) Where can Min Jung get help?
Min Jung can get help from the doctor, and have a healthier relationship with food. Not only that, but friends could also help her, as well as her parents. There are many places where she  can get help, just that's it's their choice whether to get it or not. However, I believe that the best place to go first is to the doctor since they are always there willing to help you in the easiest ways. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PFL 7 Bilhões

Para acessar a minha video, clique o link:

Para mim, eu acho que é importante responder a esse tipo de pergunta porque nos podemos pensar sobre isso, mais uma vez. Eu acho que o mais impactante na pergunta foi quando eu estava pesando sobre a pergunta. Para mim, eu realmente nunca pensei sobre isso na minha vida. Mas, eu me lembrei que eles sempre me disse. Além disso, eu acho que o sentido da vida e que você tenho que ter bons amigas, ajudar as pessoas e ser bom. Tenho muitos mais, mas eu acho que os dois e muito importante para todos. Espero que tinha contribuido para o project 7 bilhões. Porque, eles podem ouvir o que eu tinha dito, talvez eles possam concordar com a minha opinião e fazer o igual. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Belly Dance Hip Hop Fusion Reflection

          Even though I missed a whole week of school (Choir), I still was able to learn belly dancing in a class. Now, this is a totally different experience. Since I was young, I've always thought that belly dancing was somewhat like a dance of a snake. In other words, slow, sneaky, and just waving your belly. However, in this class, the video that I saw and learning belly dancing from it was very different. It was extremely powerful, strong movements, and a lot of shaking your belly strongly. 

          Moving onto the questions, I think fusion means blending together. You really need to blend your body and the music together well to create that nice belly dancing just like the one showed in the video. Not only is it with you, but you really have to work as a group, and practice a lot so that you could blend altogether as one.

          Until now, what I liked about the dance was doing the poses in the beginning and starting the dance. I think that way, it catches people more interest into it than just starting moves in the start. Not only that, but I really like the head turning point, and also when we're in the ending, it's just too powerful and you just really have to move your body as hard as you can. After I was done practicing this dance, I felt really dizzy of using too much force, but I really like it!

          On the other hand, what I didn't really like about the dance was that we had to move our belly and hip so much. Now I know, that's the point of belly dancing, but I was expecting it to be much smoother when this is just hitting it. For me, because my hips and belly is rock hard, it's really strange, and difficult for me to do it smoothly. Not only that, but I thought the music choice wasn't so well. I wanted it to be more of a soft, romantic song. Instead, it was very..... weird?

          The steps of styles that I would take away and use it in my own choreography is definitely the beginning, where we do those different, unique poses. Not only that, but also the ending, meaning ending it in a very powerful hand and body gesture. Last but not least, I would also take away the part where we are almost in the middle twirling our head, and doing this "come with me" hand gesture!

          Lastly, the main difference I found between this dance and other styles of choreography we have done this semester is that this dance is very, and extremely powerful. Meaning, you really have to put power into this to be able to make this dance alive. (Not saying that our dances were powerful... ) Secondly, this dance involves a lot of hip moving. I found that there were some hip moving in other groups, however it wasn't the one like this video. Thirdly, the difference I was also able to find was that this music involves a lot of wave. Also, you need to be very flexible, which I found it hard. Overall, I really do enjoy this kind of dance, and hope we learn more deeply into it! :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dance Videos Reflection

1st Video:
         When watching this video, I thought it was amazing of how the dance matched very nicely together. It seemed as if the girl was a handicap and so the man was trying to help her out. I love the ending part because it was just a post, but it was something that left us behind our minds. Also, because it had some ballet moves, I thought it was very pretty, and touching. Each movement touched my mind, and inspired me to practice ballet. Not only that, but I wondered how long they practiced to make everything so cooperated and same at each moment. 
         After re-watching the first video and knowing the meaning of it, it kind of changed my impression about the dance, yet not too much. At first, I thought it was a handicap however noticed that it was the son helping his mom out. It made more sense after that, and made me concentrate more into the lyrics in the second time. 

2nd Video: 
         The second video was very interesting to watch. It was short, yet powerful at the same time. Moreover, I couldn't really guess what the guy represented however it seemed as if he was a spider trying to get the pretty woman. It was very cool because the dance was matching so well with the beat of the music. 
         Now that I learned the meaning behind the dance, it really changed my impression. To me, this was my least favorite dance, however learning that it was a humming bird with a flower, it really changed my opinion. I thought it was pretty the second time I watched it, now that I knew that it wasn't a spider at least. 

3rd Video:
         The third video was very different from the two that we watched. The movements in this dance was very short and powerful at the same time, especially when it seemed as if the man was controlling her. Also, what I thought the story went like was that the woman didn't want the man to leave to work, and after she kept begging, it didn't work out and so the man just left. 
         This last video didn't really change my impression since I already knew that it was about a woman not wanting the man to leave. However, the characters really surprised me. I didn't know the girl was a type of girl that had piercings and everything. Not only that, but as the class said, the man in the suit looked a lot older than what he looks like while he is practicing. 

Overall Reflection 
         At last, I liked the first dance the most above all. Then my second one would be the second video, and third, the third video. My thoughts changed because it was 1, 3, 2. Yet, now that I know the story, it really did change my impression about the song and the dance as well. What I didn't like about the 3rd video was that, it really showed that she was showing power, however it seemed as if she was going extremely crazy jumping up and down (just isn't my style). While, the first and the second video was calmer, which I loved the most about. The reason why I liked the 1st video the most was because it seemed more fluid, with bigger movements. In conclusion, I was able to see that all of the groups practiced for a very long time, since they matched so well together. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chamber Practice for Orchestra

   To start off, Ashley and I have been partners for the Chamber Practice. Mr.Faria, our Orchestra teacher, chose a music for us that he thought was challenging, but at the same time the one that was enjoyable. Moving on, we are both right now practicing really hard for the final show. 

        To make this happen, we have to be great communicators, and responsible which are the core values. The reasons to back this up is because without communicating and not being responsible, we won't be able to practice together as a partner. In other words, it means that we won't make nice, beautiful music out of it. 

        Currently, we both now need to work on making crescendo, and piano (dynamics). We still have a lot of become better at in this specific piece of music, but we are practicing to make it better! 

         Moving on, the core value that we need to become better at is risk takers. We both thought that we did a really good job in practicing, however when we recorded our selves playing it, we noticed a few mistakes that we really had to fix. Overall, I believe that I have improved during this quarter, and I am eager to learn more and become even better at it! 

This video was taken when we almost started the music, due to that, we weren't too great at it however, we did practice a lot after that, and I personally think it got better. 

Accelerated Math!

Do you believe accelerated math has improved you, and why?
I believe that accelerated math has improved my math skill level. The reason is, if you keep practicing and solving the questions, you will improve. Not only will you just improve on how to solve it, but you will get faster at it. Howe`ver, for people who don't want to do accelerated math, and just feel lazy, they won't improve. Not only does this just count to Math class, but it's for Humanities, Science, BSS, etc. 

Did you enjoy it? 
I can't say that I enjoyed it, meaning that I was eager to work more on it. However, it wasn't horrible for me. I just thought that it was nice to be reviewing math that we learned in class. I think that this site really helps other people get better and make math easier for them as well.

Did it improve my math skill level?
There are things that I learned while doing accelerated math, however it can't be said that I learned math from this site. To me, this is just a reviewing site, in which you have to solve a problems. It's really helpful, and sometimes, when I do this while listening to music, it really calms my day.

Core Values 
Accelerated math is connected to the core values responsible, and risk taking. Responsibility, because if you aren't responsible, and can't divide the time to work on it, then it means that you aren't trying your best. I thought it was helpful for Mr.Swartz to divide the number of objectives ready to test we had to do in for example, two weeks. Moving on, but it is also risk taking. The reason is if you aren't being a risk taker, then by the time you have a hard problem, you're going to give up on it.

Would you prefer traditional assignment or accelerated math in the future? 
Moving on, I think that I prefer traditional assignment because the teacher teach orally where in accelerated math, you just keep solving equations. Due to that, I think it's better to first learn from the teacher, and then solve challenging problems instead just going straight into it.

The recommendations that I wanted to give was to not divide to time for us. It's helpful and everything, but we are now grown so we should now learn and be able to do it by ourselves to get ready for high school and further on. Other than that, I thought this was very done, and I hope the new 8th grader will enjoy it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Discussion #3 Reflection!

        I believe that I definitely did a good job in smiling, instead of looking all serious like last time. Even though I mentioned this in class, it was even easier because Juan was here, which I think made the mood brighter than before. This was my discussion, and since everyone in our group was present (not by video chat) we all were in focus talking altogether. Moreover, my goal last time was to not interrupt, and to smile constantly instead of looking very sad, and poker-faced. Due to that, I always waited for the other people to finish talking, even though I was extremely eager to say it. Sometimes, I just changed subjects right after one of the members were done with their ideas. Due to that, I should improve on adding on, instead of being selfish, greedy and talking about subjects that I want to talk about. 

This is a video clip that shows me how I laughed and improved on my smiling skills during the discussion. Sadly, I ha to sit in the edge and due to that, it was harder to find a clip that really showed me the improvement. However, I, myself noticed while talking that I constantly tried to have an expression. Yet, I think smiling too much in a discussion isn't appropriate so I did try to have some serious times, but at the same time show my expressions to others instead of looking bored.

Moving on, this is a clip that shows me how I tried not to interrupt on people, and wait as well. Not only that, but I also did my best to listen to others as if I were a teacher. I just wanted to let everyone feel comfortable, and have some fun in this discussion (which really worked out pretty well)! This is a suitable example of my growth because as you can see, in my previous examples, I pretty much kind of interrupted and was a bit disrespectful, however this time, I tried to wait to share my opinion. 

          By working on these types of activities, it's great for us, because we can learn as a student, and maybe for future, we can really use this to help us. Not only that, but there are always something that you should get better in. What is good about filming it, is that while watching what we were doing, we get to pay more attention and find many mistakes where we can definitely get better at. Overall, I'm really enjoying these kinds of activities, and hope to practice more for the future! 


Seo Hyun Cho (Julie)


Block 6

Quando eu crescer

Na classe do PFL, nós fizemos o teste vocacional que é legal porque ele expressa quais profissões​ são adequadas para você no futuro.
Os resultados do meu teste vocacional foram Artista (116). De acordo com esse número, é possível que  eu seja compositora, música, dançarina, decoradora de interiores, atriz ou escritora. Tenho habilidades artísticas porque gosto de criar trabalhos originais, sou imaginativa, criativa, independente, intuitiva e idealista.
Para o investigativo fiz 112 pontos. É provável que eu seja bióloga, física, química, antropóloga ou médica. Tenho facilidade com matemática, mas não gosto de liderar uma equipe. Para exercer essas profissões é importante que eu seja curiosa, criativa, independente, e que eu leve as tarefas até o fim.
No Social, eu recebi 106 pontos. Esse número sugere que eu seja professora, psicóloga, enfermeira, ou conselheira. Eu gosto de estar com pessoas e também gosto de ajudá-las. Sou cooperativa, generosa, idealista, amável, paciente, responsável, simpática, compreensiva e tolerante.
​De acordo com essas informações, quando eu crescer, é provável que eu seja escultora porque gosto de fazer objetos novos e originais. Mas também e provável que eu seja médica porque gosto de ajudar as pessoas, e possa procurar a cura de algumas doenças através de pesquisas de novos caminhos na medicina.
Os resultados que eu não gostei foram:
- que eu seja arquiteta porque gosto de desenhar prédio, mas o que realmente gostaria de fazer é construi-lo.
- cientista, porque gosto de pesquisa, mas não gostaria de ficar todo o dia dentro de um laboratório pesquisando.
Mas o teste não mostrou o meu lado “realista” porque eu talvez seja uma chef de cozinha porque gosto de cozinhar e criar pratos novos e apresentá-los para minha família.
Minhas ideias sobre o que fazer no futuro ainda podem mudar. Quando eu era pequena, eu queria ser um Chihuahua. Quando as pessoas perguntavam para mim, eu sempre dizia, “Chihuahua!” Agora, eu não gosto de Chihuahua porque eles são muito agressivos.
Por essa razão, acredito que ainda é cedo para decidir o que eu quero fazer quando crescer, porque ainda tenho muito tempo até chegar o momento de decidir o que fazer com o meu futuro.
Por tudo isso, não acho que as sugestões do site estejam adequadas para mim. Não me ajudaram a decidir o que quero ser quando crescer. Tomara que eu possa encontrar uma profissão que me faça feliz! Acredito que o mais importante é que eu tenha uma profissão que me realize profissionalmente e que possa contribuir para melhorar o mundo.

chihuahua 500x375 Chihuahua
"Chihuahua." BunkBlog. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Mar. 2014. <>.
In this writing, the core value that I have shown most success is risk taking. The reason that makes me say that is because I tried to use all the types of verbs that I learned during PFL class. Not only that, but I really worked hard on it trying to make it come out perfect. I believe that another core value that I showed much progress was responsible. The reason is, I was responsible, and finished editing on time, finished the writing on time plus had a good grade. The core value that was most challenging for me was critical thinking. The reason is because I had a hard time thinking about it while working on this piece. I know that I should work more on this, and hopefully I will get better at it! I used to think my learning was weak, but now, I feel like I've really grown at it.