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Science Fair Reflection

I believe that the Core Values I am growing on are: communicator, responsibility, and critical thinking. The reasons are because I never forget to do my homework, always go to class on time, and is responsible in general even in my house. That being said, even though I'm not the best at critical thinking nor communicating, I always try my best. An example is that I try to make new friends, and always try to think outside of the box as well. 
        However, I still have to work on risk taking. Even though I'm not extremely horrible at it, I still have a thought in mind that I have to work on it. Because I want to really improve on this, I will always challenge myself no matter what. The reason is, people learn by challenging themselves, and even by mistakes. This connects to "How are mistakes helping you become a better learner?" By having mistakes, you can learn from them, and remember not to do that again. Without mistakes, you aren't learning properly. That's why, last year, Mr.Broderick loved us to get mistakes. He'd always say that he would like to see mistakes going on, so that he knows that we are learning from it. 
         All these core values connect to the science fair because Luana and I tried to use all these in a big project. For example, we communicated well, and that's why we were able to finish it despite the fact that were in different classes. Also, we were very responsible, tried to become risk takers, and thought critically. I really think that the science fair helps us achieve our goal through these core values, and that's one of the reason what I really like about. 
          Lastly, to make me a better learner, I will listen more attentively in class, and ask more and more questions possibly. Not only that, but I will try not to get off task (even though it's difficult) and always review what I learned in school at home. 

1. What was the most enjoyable part of creating your science fair project (not counting the actual fair)?
The most enjoyable part of creating our science fair was that we were able to share our ideas with each other, and pull out the ones that we liked the most, and made our poster that way. Moreover, we also really enjoyed the part when we baked, and fed the dog (experimenting). I think by this science fair, we really did get to communicate with each other a lot, and we became even closer.

2. What was the most difficult or frustrating part of your project?
The most frustrating part of our project was when we couldn’t build a maze due to the fact that it was too weak, and my dog was scared for it. We really didn’t know what to do, so they I started to freak out and blurted out any ideas. Then, Luana told me, “Wait... be quiet for a second...I think you gave me an idea..” Then I stood there still, when we came up with the idea of having a maze as our house instead of building one!

3. Pick one project (other than your own) that you found interesting and/or impressive. Describe what you liked about it.
I really liked the project from Fernando and Daniel because their topic seemed very interesting, and I think they presented very well! I didn’t really have time to look at all the projects, because sometimes the presenter would take too long to present, and I had to go to the nurse (for my foot)... :( However, from what I saw, I think everyone did well, but I really liked their project! *Congratulations!*

4. What problems/challenges did you run into this year as you worked on your project? What steps did you take to overcome these challenges?
The challenges that we ran in this project is because we weren’t in the same class, we had to communicate online, and meet with each other very often. However, I do not blame this problem, because this happened due to my schedule changing. To overcome these challenges, we always kept calm, and communicated with each other during break, and Luana would come to my house very often.

5. Thinking of your own project, what would you do differently next time? Address only those factors that you have control over (you don’t have control over getting sick or your mom going out of town, for example).
What I would do differently next time in our project, we (Luana and I) would try to

6. While presenting your project, what do you think you did well?
I believe that the part we did well during the presentation was speaking fluently without any pauses such as “umm... so.... yeah...”. We practiced several times in our homes before the Science Fair happened, and also practiced in the class as well. Not only that, but we also pointed out some important things, and tried to make the audience keep focused in our presentation.

7.While presenting your project, what do you think you could have done better?
We could have asked questions to the audience, so that they could get involved into our project instead of just presenting. For example, by asking a question to them to answer, we could connect that to our topic.

8. Did you work alone or in a pair?     Would you choose to do that again?  Why or why not?
I worked in a pair, and I would definitely choose to do this again. The reason why is, by doing it in pairs, we can communicate better, and build up our team work skills. I’m not trying to say that working alone is bad. It’s totally normal, and has positive ideas as well. However, I, myself, love working in groups, or partners. I just feel more comfortable that way.

9. Are you happy with the topic you chose?    Would you chose to investigate it again in the future?  Why or why not?
I am very satisfied with the topic that we chose. Some people have questions about how does this experiment even work? Is it fair? We even thought that too, however that’s the reason why we created the “rubric” which was in the dog’s brain. It shows how many times Lulu (my dog) got wrong to go to the food, if he asked for help, running, walking, trotting, etc. to try to make it fair as possible. I would investigate it again in the future, because maybe we might have a different result in other dogs, and it’s always better to try a variety of things several times.
10. Do you feel you were prepared enough to present your project to others at the science fair?  Why or why not?  
I feel like we were prepared enough to present our project. We worked really hard on this project, and tried to not waste any time. An example is, when she came to my house, it rained very heavily. Due to that, all the lights went out, and there was no internet (it happened at night). Because we didn’t want to waste any of our time, we used 4 flashlights in our room, and began working on our squishies. I believe that we really used our time well, and were very prepared for our project. (We practiced several times together in front of Lulu!)

11.  Did you use the feedback that you were given electronically?  If so, in what ways was it helpful?  If not, why not?
We didn’t get any feedback. :( The internet wasn’t working that well that day, so they couldn’t really give us a feedback.

12.Self Evaluation
Evaluate yourself in these areas.  (5 is highest, 1 is lowest) Highlight the number that you feel best describes your overall performance.  Feel free to explain your ratings in the space below.
Originality of Topic                         1       2       3       4       5
Knowledge about your topic           1       2       3       4       5
Effort/Hard Work                           1       2       3       4       5
Communicator                                  1       2       3       4       5
(board, speech, etc.)

13. What did this project do to help you become a better learner/better thinker?
By this Science Fair project, this definitely help me become a better learner, and thinker. We had to think a lot for how to make this fair, and also learned many things by experimenting and from our research as well. Not only did I learn about these projects, but I got to learn, and know my partner even better!

14. What do you think your teacher could do differently next year to help future students be more successful?
I think this year, the science fair project was planned very very well. Last year, we didn’t have enough time to test, and had too many things to do at once. Despite the fact that I had a partner from the other classroom, it really worked out fine. What this means, is that the teachers planned the time to work on this project very thoroughly and due to this, I think many students didn’t get stressed. Also, I love the way how the judge was the actual science teacher. Last year, with the other judges, we really did have a hard time, and thought that they weren’t being fair with us. Overall, I think if the teachers just do the same way as this year, I think everything will go fine! :)

15.  Do you have any other thought about the science fair that you would like to share?
As mentioned above, I think that the judge this year was very fair, and she wasn’t being rude to us which I think was very nice as well.

16. Here is where you can include pictures and/or video that you took of yourself with your project

(Made a short video, but lost it :( ) 

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