Friday, March 21, 2014

Let’s go, Handball!

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What I think about handball is that it is a sport where the most important skills you need in team work. If you aren’t able to communicate, and have a good teamwork, then it will be harder to win the game. A question I have about handball is, how was this sport created? I feel like handball is very similar with basketball, so was it created after basketball? Moving on, the sport, team handball wants me to explore about how I can try to trick the opponents other than acting to throw it onto the other side. Not only that, but how to become a better player. 

What is team handball?
Team handball is a sport in where you need to pass the ball to your team, and try to throw it into the goal using your hands. Not only is it a game that is similar to basketball, however it is also very similar to squash which a ball is hit with the hand. 

What decisions and actions impact the success of game?
Adding to that, the decisions and actions to have a successful game is teamwork. Teamwork is greatly involved in any other sports, but without collaboration, the harder the change is to win the game. Moving on, to make the game easier and faster, it is better for a fast pitch shot, and when into the goal, most people prefer to bounce throw it. Not only that, but as it was mentioned briefly before, the trick in throwing a ball is to aim in one direction but to throw in the opposite. Due to that, it’s better to look at its palm as well as the ball instead of the eyes. 

How is collaboration needed in team handball?
Collaboration is definitely needed in team handball. Working as a group will be much easier than working and trying to goal alone. Not only does this count in sports, but when you are working as a group in a project, this becomes very handy and important. Overall, as you can see, handball is more than just throwing and shooting.

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  1. Hi Julie, good job organizing your post according to the thinking routine and three essential questions. This makes it easier for the reader to synthesize the information. Did you have the chance to review some of the team handball resources that were included on the PE blog? Have a chance to do so and perhaps your inquiries in your reflection will be answered (try wikipedia). I agree, collaboration is key in a team's handball is dependent on how well your team can work together. Be sure your thinking is clear...reread your sentences to make sure your ideas are clear. Great job citing an image from Creative Commons!