Monday, March 24, 2014

Blog Discussion #2 Reflection!

I believe that a strength I demonstrated as a speaker was asking other people in the group questions so that they could also get involved into the discussion a little bit better. I think that this is a good example because even though we were all contributing and listening to each other, asking others make it more fair and lets us talk equally. Not only that, but it brings a new topic, and the person can get more involved into it. However, I don't think that just asking questions to other people is very helpful. Due to that thought, I tried to get involved as well and help others get into it, too.

I know that I have a lot of examples where I can grow as a speaker. However, if I really just had to choose one, it would be to not interrupt and listen not looking too serious. This may sound very weird but when I was the watching the video, I felt that my face, when listening was too serious, and mean looking. I hadn't noticed it when we were talking altogether, but now that I see it in a video, it tells me more about it. Getting back to topic, I had some parts where I interrupted either because I thought the member finished talking but wasn't, or since I was eager to say about something. As you can see in the video, it wasn't a major interruption, but I did kind of disturb it. These extremely short videos show the weakness, and the positiveness in a discussion.

Lastly, to make my final discussion the best one is to (of course) not interrupt when other people are talking, and try to simmer down when I get excited about a certain topic. I will also do my best to build and expand others' ideas, focus on major themes, and think before I say, to avoid "umm.." and, "so.... yeah..". Also, I will try to make sure that our discussion is going smooth, instead of all choppy. For example, adding onto the information he/she is talking about as mentioned before. I sometimes feel like our group gets off topic, and talk about small details too. Due to that, next time, we will all keep in mind about that. Overall, until now, I really love the discussions we talk about because to me, it's the same thing as just saying everything that I had in mind about the book. Because of this reason, after we finish this activity, my mind becomes all clear and new!

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