Thursday, February 13, 2014

Group Dance Reflection (Written together)

In this assignment, we had to create a dance with different components like hand movements, using space, choosing a prop, etc. We were allowed to pick our partners and have two classes to create the dance. We first started by choosing the song. Then, after when we finished listening to the song, we chose the part we wanted. We started dancing after all of that was done. In this project we didn’t only work to make a dance, but we had fun and became friends.
Even though we aren’t great dancers, but the main thing we wanted was to have fun. We chose the song Timber by voting with each other. The song timber has a theme of a cowgirl, so our prop, and the hats were based on the theme. Each of us created moves for the dance, and we helped each other to understand the moves and made sure that everyone got to be in the middle at some point. Our song is for people who wants to dance, but don’t know how to. Just enjoy and have fun!
We found our inspiration by laughing and enjoying while making the moves. Sometimes when we did a funny, or weird dance move, it turned out to be a very amazing one and we would add it to our dance. An example is when we  incorporated the hats into the dance because our whole dance was done when we remembered the prop. We began to play around and actually put what we did in the routine. Our challenges were coordinating everything at the same time and passing down the hats. We had lots of fun creating our choreography.
In the end, although the other girls created intricate dances with tricks, we had an awesome time. We hope that others like it, and remember next time, when you create a dance just have a good time with friends, and it doesn’t need to perfect. Having fun is the first thing, then to make it look good in the second thing to do! :)

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