Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dance Crew Reflection

I was very nervous before our dance started, however after sometime, it got better! I’m really happy that I didn’t forget to take out the hat. While we were practicing, I always forgot to get the hat out. Due to that someone always had to remind me, however in the final dance, I didn’t forget which I was so happy about! After we finished, I felt god because it was over, and quite satisfied as well.
Moving on, I believe that the strongest part of our dance was when we had to take out our hats, and do the hand movements while Isabel did the other main movement. It was the part where we practiced the most as well. I’d have to say that the most challenging part was as mentioned before, the hand movements, and taking out the hat too. Practicing for that part took me quite a time, and I had to get a lot of help.
Our group did an okay job at our dance. I mean we weren’t the perfect, best ones, but we tried our hardest. The best part was when we started the dance. I think that was the part where we did a good job. On the other hand, we still had to improve on getting our movements very precise.
When we were practicing, we all worked as a group, which I am so happy about. I think we were a very nice group, plus we tried to make our dance fair and let the member of our group stay in the middle at least once. If someone couldn’t do a certain movement, we tried to change it so that it would still match our performance, but look cool at the same time.
Making our different dance moves was the most challenging aspect of our group. In the first class, we took some time choosing the song, and only got a few movements for our dance done. However, when we looked at others, they already chose a good song, and had even more dance moves than we did. I was kind of worried that we were behind, however we worked very hard, and got to our end. I believe what made us slower in thinking was because we kept thinking about the requirements and thought, “what could we put more about the hand movements? We need some kind of same movements going on, different movements as well, etc.” If we were doing this again, I think we would practice more to make our movements more precise. Also, to make even more interesting movements.
Overall, I really enjoyed making our own dance moves, and the best part was finishing our dance, and also watching the others! It was so fun watching, and I think the other group did an amazing job. I would love to do this activity some time again! :)

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  1. Hi Julie,
    First of all, I would like to say that I love the song Timber. I thought your dance was cute and I would have to agree that your strongest part was when you traded your hats. One thing that your group should fix on would be your emotions on stage because it seems not happy.