Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Comparison for Humanities

By the time I reread my old argumentative essay, "Shut Down your Screen" Week, I was very surprised, because I had no memory in working on this essay. However, after some time, and while I kept reading, my memory started to come back! I felt like this even passed so long ago, but 8th grade just passed too fast!

What I learned during the Argumentative Writing process, is that I feel like as time goes on, my writings gets more formal and mature. Not only that, but I really liked the way that I put a lot of examples (Not saying that I didn't have any examples before). Anyways, I definitely know that I learned that I should give examples and if I used some kind of journal, or internet, that I should site it in the writing too. For example, I can say "according to....". Being more specific, I can see that I improved since now I know that you can't start a sentence with a But but I did in this piece of writing: "But because we have this fascinating source..." Not only that, but I found myself using a lot of the same transitions, and also repeating some information. All in all, this is what I think I improved in the Essays, and already I can see that I have gotten better. Maybe by the end of 8th grade, I could improve even more! :)

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