Friday, January 24, 2014

Cool Dance Video!

I thought that this dance video was very cool because the background and everything just matched really well. Although the dance moves didn't look too complicated, it looked very powerful and strong. Not only that, but the part I liked the best is that later the background had a lot of people which just blew my mind! On the other hand, what I would change is to make it darker, because in the beginning, I believe they were trying to hide the other person, but it did kind of show which I thought could have had a better lighting. Overall, I really enjoyed watching this dance! 

Cool Dance Video 2!

While watching this video, I thought it was very amazing how the color just changed really smoothly. It looked like it was a screen that was doing the movement (like a video) not the actual people. What I was most curious about was how they did that... I mean the "electronic" clothes that they were wearing just changed so quickly and smoothly so I would just love to know how that happened. Plus I think the colors in the background and the color of the shirts really matched well, and just really stood out. I would love to maybe join in the group in the future, and just try it out to know all the secrets!