Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Barbie Project (Blog #3)

My heart was beating fast, I was nervous.Today, we had a jump competition, and by saying that, we had to throw our barbie from any location that Mr.Oksness had chosen. One of the most important aspect in this project was that we had to find a pattern or some kind of equation in order to figure out how many rubber bands we would need approximately. Thus, we also always had to keep in mind that we couldn’t let her hit the ground, but at the same time, to try to be as close as possible. The reason I was very nervous about it was because of the fact that I had missed the last class, which was very important for our group. Due to that, I was in a hurry to talk to them during class, and we immediately had to come up with a pattern and solution so that we could have a success in the bungee jump.
We started calculating, observing our data, and after much difficulty, we kind of noticed a small method! We found out that from 100cm (5 rubber bands) to 200cm (13 rubber bands) , we needed 6 more rubber bands than before. Then, for 300 (25cm), it increased 12 more. Due to that, for the 4m we concluded that we would need about 49 (25 + 24). However, I was confused at that time, and couldn’t think properly. Because of this, I only thought about how much rubber bands were increasing. Additionally, since it was 24 rubber bands increased, I just added about 6 more to get the 83cm. (I don’t get how my mind worked that time). Anyway, after some calculations, we ended up using about 49 rubber bands for the competition, which I strongly disagreed with them upon. I kept convincing them that we needed to use about 30. The time came, and we were given the place to start our rounds. We just ended up using 49 rubber bands in total. Quite as I had expected, it hit the ground, and not to forget to mention, our team was “disqualified” in the first round since we kept pulling the rubber band in, in each trials. I was very confused, and felt very guilty of doing so. Not only that, but I went by myself, and tested out how it would work with 30 rubber bands, and surprisingly it worked pretty well. Yet, it wasn’t too close to the ground either, which I actually felt was very safe.
After learning about it, for the next trial, which was kind of like a “re-take”, we gladly didn’t make the same mistake. Additionally, for this second game, we used 60 rubber bands, since first, the time I tried by myself for 4m and 83cm, I used about 30 rubber bands, so for the 8 meters, I believed that about twice would work well. I just had this imagination that if I doubled it, it would touch the ground just like the first try. Secondly, we decided that we had to take off the height of the doll from the total height of the drop, since that was the height we wanted her to be apart from the ground. Then, after taking off her height from the height, we measured how much the rubber band stretched, which we had done in the first class, and that was about 12cm. Due to that, we made an equation of (Height - 30)/12 . This calculation made up to about 64, due to that, we took out 2cm just to make sure she wouldn’t hit it, but because we were too afraid, we just took about another 2 more (basically 4) just for safety. That’s how we got to using 60 rubber bands for the second trial, and it worked out beautifully. Unlike what I had imagined, it was actually extremely close to the ground (about 1-2 cm off the ground)! I was astonished, and felt so glad that we had taken out the 4 rubber bands.

Moving on, if I were to do this again, I would have tried to figure out the equation earlier. After  thinking calmly, we noticed that the equation The (Height of the whole thing - Height of the Barbie) ÷ The amount of how much the rubber band stretches would work the best. This equation always gets closer to the actual number now that I’m trying it alone. I’m very pleased that we were able to find out the equation, and I’m so thankful that we took some rubber bands out. Phew~

Height (cm)
Number of rubber bands used
40 (failed)
60 (success)

Overall, even though not everything was a favorable outcome for our group, I really enjoyed working with different people since I haven’t really done something like this before. I thought that it was great how we used something realistic - connected to life, instead of doing something random. Not to forget, I actually did kind of feel like an engineer trying to figure out a difficult, real-life connected, math problem. Furthermore, I’ve improved on my communicating skills and teamwork from this project. After all, from our mistakes we’ve made, we also learned from it which is one of the most important aspect in this project in my opinion.

(Our "re-take" trial!)

(One last glance of our beautiful barbie)

Barbie Project (Blog #2)

To start off, I missed the class due to the Orchestra combined rehearsal, however, according to my group, they were able to test our theory. Firstly, they had discussed about how if you double the height, we also have to double the amount of rubber bands and an extra rubber band to weigh in the gravitational pull. I wasn’t quite sure if the gravitational pull would work, or count since gravity was always the same in pulling (9.8m/s2) Anyway, to check if our equation we made in the last class was precise, and made sense, they tried it with 300cm, and also doubled the amount of rubber bands plus an extra one which equaled 22 rubber bands. Sadly, this didn’t work out too well. However, they noticed that they had been using a different kind of rubber band, so after they got the “original” one, and tried adding three more rubber bands. Luckily it worked, and so it was concluded that we needed 25 rubber bands for 300cm.
Moving on, they also tried it in a smaller height of 250 cm and removed 7 rubber bands from the 22. When doing this, they noticed that the barbie could go even further, due to that, they added 2 more rubber bands. Unexpectedly, the barbie hit the floor, and without further adieu, they removed one rubber band again, and luckily, it didn’t hit the ground. Lastly, they were able to conclude that for 250cm, they had to use 16 rubber bands. After that, they tried 200cm, since it was between 250 cm and 150cm, due to that, they also thought of getting 11-16 rubber bands. Additionally, when using 13 rubber bands, it just worked perfectly.

Height (cm)
Number of rubber bands used

As we went up every 50 cm we started to see a tiny pattern. For example when we increased from 150 to 200 cm we needed two more rubber bands than the previous one. Then when we increased from 200 to 250 we had to go up 3 rubber bands. Therefore, we thought the pattern was every 50 cm you had to add one more rubber band to the amount you added last time. But then we saw that when we went from 250 to 300cm, the changes was up to 9 rubber bands. Because of this, we couldn’t figure out the pattern and had difficulty figuring out what was wrong. The three rubber bands had tripled in amount as if the pattern was to multiply the previous amount of rubber bands by itself.
Personally, I think that we have some chances in the jump even though we don’t have an exact pattern distinguished. I hope we have a successful competition, where we’ll get it right, and not let the barbie suffer. Even though we are kind of ready, we will do a final test before the actual jump and for the finale, we will consider everything we have seen in the trial, such as patterns and other calculations. I am very excited to see what will happens, yet I am worried concerned that we will make the same mistake and lose the game. Thus, I do feel that there is an equation, just that I’m not thinking too hard to find it. I’ll try to see what is making this project a big problem for us.

(Done from the stairs) 

(Done from the classroom) 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Barbie Project (Blog #1)

Today in class, we were introduced what our Barbie project was going to be about. We were each given a barbie, rubber bands, measuring tape, as well as a thin rope which was optional to use. With these provided, we had to tie a rubber band on the doll’s leg, and make a bungee rope for her to safely jump without hitting the ground, but getting as close to the floor as possible. On the last day of our project, we were assigned to do a competition of which group had the best calculation to prepare for the best bungee jump. Furthermore, my group members for this project includes me, Arianna and June.
Basically, we started out by measuring everything such as the height of the desk from the floor which was 75cm, the weight of the barbie, which was 94.46g, and height of the barbie, 31cm. After we did that, we measured how many times she would fit between the 75 cm, which was about two times, and a little bit more. We first tried out using 5 bands (not including the one that was tied on her foot) and that worked perfectly fine. To further our investigation, we tried to do one in 150cm. Because we doubled the height, we also increased the amount of rubber bands by doubles which is 10. After that, we noticed that there was some space to fit just one more band, so we used 11 bands in total (again, not including the one band we used to tie her foot). Because this worked well, we recognized that we could write an equation which was: The Number of Rubber Bands = 2H (height) + 1.
We tried our experiment, and observed several times to see if she would hit the floor, or if it was too close, since we didn’t want our barbie to die. Not only that, but our group came up with the idea of also including the force of gravity into our equation (9.8m/s₂), since Arianna believed that it also influenced the way it worked. Furthermore, the problems we confronted with was trying to find out the pattern. We still don’t have enough data to really make sure that our equation is realistic. My predictions about it is that it won’t be exactly precise, but would somehow be close to the actual answer. Meaning that it might not help us get the perfect amount of rubber bands needed, but it would be very close.
On the other hand, the plan for my next class is to try out doubling the height to 300cm with 23 rubber bands to really see if our equation works. However, I’m not so sure if this would work since our classroom might not be 300cm in height, or who will put the meter stick that high. Due to that, I believe that we should try to start again with a smaller height, and see how that works. Not only that, but we will also try to see how much cm the barbie would go down with 1 rubber band, so that it helps even more with our equation. I hope that by next class, we will be able to find an accurate pattern for our project soon!

(Our beautiful Barbie taking risks)

To Kill a Mocking Bird Questions

Question 1: Is the Quotas a solution of racism? Will it change the future in a positive way?

Question 2: Is racism getting better or worse? In what ways?

Question 3: How does racial inferiority influence societies?

Core Values and Life Goals

My personal life goal right now is to improve my baking skills, and to also start choosing what I want to do in my life in the future. Anyways, currently to develop my skills in baking, I will try to bake once per week. However, it is hard since I have to much things to do such as homework, or studying for tests. Due to that, I think I can only accomplish this goal during vacation. Moving on, my core values reflections where I need to work on would be "curious". It seems that like I try hard to answer questions on my own, instead, I will ask questions during class or anytime when it pops up! The teacher's core value comments was I believe responsibility, but had to work on risk taking.

Vida Complicada...

O Enem (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio) foi criado para avaliar os conhecimentos dos estudantes que terminaram o ensino médio. Algumas instituições vêm utilizando nos últimos anos essa nota para o ingresso na universidade. No entanto, não são todas as instituições que útilizam só isso porque depende das notas dos outros candidatos que fizeram o vestibular. Por exemplo, na Fuvest (fundação para vestibular), o Enem tem peso 1 e o vestibular peso 4.
Na Coreia, tem um exame muito difícil e grande para entrar na universidade. Além disso, o candidato deve apresentar boas notas no ensino médio (GPA) e escrever uma redação para se apresentar na universidade. Se o candidato estava fora da Coreia mais de 3 anos incluindo o 10° ano do ensino médio, o teste é diferente e mais facil. Caso o candidato estava fora da Coreia do primeiro ao décimo ano, está isento do exame, mas precisa apresentar um bom GPA e atividades extracurriculares.
Nos Estados Unidos, o processo de ingresso na universidade é consiste em: a nota do GPA (Grade Point Average) e do SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), uma redação, atividades extracurriculares e cartas de recomendação escritas pelos professores do ensino médio.
Eu acho que as escolas no Brasil têm que melhorar a qualidade do ensino  médio para que os candidatos estejam mais preparados para fazer o Enem. Na Coreia, as escolas realmente preparam por 3 anos os candidatos. Por isso, os estudantes coreanos no dia do exame dizem: “Eu estudei a vida inteira para este dia.” Nos Estados Unidos, o sistema de ingresso faz com que o aluno desde o 9° ano comece a construir o seu GPA até o 12° ano. Esse processo garante que o candidato estude bastante durante toda a vida escolar. Já no Brasil, o candidato não precisa apresentar bom desenvolvimento durante o ensino médio, ou seja, o candidato pode não ter feito um curso bom. Por isso, acredito que o acesso a universidade deveria ser mais democrático e mais justo porque da maneira como é hoje, o exame é mais difícil do que o conteúdo apresentado durante o ensino médio.


Internal vs. External?

There are so many information, and details for the internal factors, however, I believe that the biggest difference they show among the three societies (Northern, Middle, and Southern) would be external because the geography and the environment is totally different. For example, for New England, the climate was very cold, which resulted in having less mosquitoes (no diseases such as malaria, or yellow fever). Not only that, but the economy was based on trade since the soil wasn’t rich to grow abundant crops, due to cold weather. Lastly, this colony had a war with the Pequots, which resulted in the Pequot War (which was the bloodiest war in colonial history).
Moving on, for the Southern colony, Virginia, the climate was very warm. Due to that, there was long growing season, however because they had settled in the swampy area (James River), there were many mosquitoes, as well as not-fresh water. Because of this, vector-borne diseases, fecal-oral diseases were common. As mentioned before, because of the fertile soil, the economy was based on cash crops (a.k.a. tobacco). Additionally, they had conflicts with the Powhatans which led to bloody slaughter, annihilate due to religion, and racism, and burnt down houses as well as crops.
Lastly, the middle colony had a moderate climate, and mixed economy which was based both on trade as well as agriculture. Not only that, but unlike the other colonies, they had peaceful relationships with the Native Americans. Overall, these different facts of geography, and environment had changed, and defined the difference between the North, Middle, and the Southern Colony of America.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Will China get better?

In the year 2050, I predict that the energy situation in China won’t be great in condition, however, I do believe that it will become at least better than today. These days, one of the biggest problems in the world is about how much coal China is using. According to the National Geographic, since 2008, China’s mostly used energy source is coal as mentioned above (80%). Furthermore, the renewable energy they are using is only about 13%. It has been proven that China is using more coal than any other country (including the U.S.). For United states it is 501.9 Mtoe (energy use in million tonnes of oil equivalent), whereas for China, it is 1839.4 Mtoe. The International Energy Agency’s 2013 World Outlook said, “Two thirds of future growth in energy demand will come from Asia, led by both China and India." Additionally, what makes it worse is that this country is the largest emitter of the greenhouse gases.
Currently, there had been several news world wide talking about how the air pollution was so bad that the people couldn’t even go outside. Because of this, the government is seeing a huge rise in hospitals since people are constantly checking to see if they have any infectious diseases from the air such as lung cancer. According to Mrs.Beck, she had discussed during class that the problem is: as the poor people develop into middle classes, and become richer, they use more and more energy since they have money to access it. Because of this, the country has to make more energy. Yet, it is sad that the country is consuming less energy than their number of population. The population is 1318 million people, however the energy consumption is 13,380 million barrels of oil equivalent. What gives hope however, is that they are currently taking actions to make things better. Again, the graph from the National Geographic, shows that in 2035, China will slowly change. For example, the percentage of using coal has decreased to 55% from 80%, and renewable energy usage increased to about 27% from 13%. Thus, the hydropower as well as the wind power is the two main renewable energy sources.
        For me, my proposal for China on what would be the best course of action to take is to burn less coal, but instead, to seek for more renewable energy sources. Already, by looking at different sites, it does tell that they are focusing on solar energy, and wind energy, which is amazing. The government announced that their plan is to increase its own solar power capacity to 1.8 GW by 2020. What’s more, is that China is one of the world’s largest producers of photovoltaic cells. Half the hydropower installed worldwide last year was in China. According to research, it is stated that about 11 dams are under construction, and should be done by 2020. Not only that, but solar and biomass electricity are predicted to grow 10 times more during 2010-2020. As you can see, a lot of changes are already being made, due to that, I strongly do believe that there is going to be some changes made to make China a better place than today. A place where people can safely go to tour, breathe normal air, instead of buying cans to actually breathe, and confidently decrease the amount of people visiting the hospitals.

Monday, November 3, 2014


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.27.37 PM.png VS. unknown artist
Mary       Van Passe

We believe that the most reliable source in this site was 12) Pocahontas written by Mary Ellen Howe in 1994. The reason is because it was stated in the passage of how she studied about Virginian Indians. Moreover, she evaluated all of the paintings, and in this painting she tried to make Pocahontas as close to reality-looking as possible. Not only that, she didn’t have any intentions in making money and as she said that her motive to this masterpiece is that she wanted to portray this beautiful woman with a great story and didn't want to publicize her story. This painting is the most reliable because the intentions are correct and much research was done from a secondary source which wasn’t affected by emotion and didn't have any historical conflicts with the Powhatans. This document may be compared to the Pocahontas painted by Simon van de Passe, and as well as Booton Hall Portrait painted by unknown English artist in likely 1700s. What she changed was that she put brighter colors like her beaver hat was white, her hair pitch black, and her skin tone was a bit darker, and painted it closer to an actual Powhatan woman. What she did similar to van Passe was the same dimpled chin and the high cheekbones. Furthermore, as you can see in the paintings above, you can tell that they are quite similar to each other. However, these were the slight few changes that were made. Lastly, we may conclude that we now know the estimate of Pocahontas’s true appearance which was most reliably brought by Mary Ellen Howe through her research and pure motives to recreate such a beauty.

Friday, October 31, 2014

K-Pop Blog!

Na aula de português, nós fizemos um projeto “mundo para o meu mundo”. Nesse projeto, cada aluno deveria escolher um assunto que representasse a sua cultura. Por isso, muitas pessoas escolheram artistas plásticos e cantores famosos do seu país de origem. Eu escolhi o K-pop que é um tipo de música feita por jovens e para as crianças e os jovens. As músicas e as danças desses grupos do K-pop têm como objetivo o entretenimento, ou seja, as letras das músicas não são profundas, não tratam de temas importantes como racismo, etc. Portanto, o objetivo é divertir os fãs. Para isso, os artistas apresentam músicas e danças que não são típicas da cultura coreana tradicional. Pelo contrário, é possível ver uma grande influência das bandas americanas. No entanto, a coreografia é muito mais relevante no K-pop. Tanto que normalmente, os cantores não têm voz muito boa. Por isso, muitos usam a tecnologia para melhorar a qualidade da voz e durante a gravação dos clipes, eles dublam as músicas. Outro diferença com as bandas americanas é que o K-pop tem grupos de quatro a dez pessoas. Quando as bandas têm meninas, elas representam um lado feminino da mulher: a maquiagem é muito bem feita, as roupas não têm um apelo sexual como nos Estados Unidos. No entanto, elas têm que ser muito magras e têm que ter a aparência de uma boneca.
Apesar do grande sucesso das bandas de K-pop na Coreia e no mundo asiático, na minha opinião, elas não representam jovens coreanos porque os artistas são “fabricados”, ou seja, tudo é feito para vender como se eles fossem um produto a ser consumido. Nos shows, os cantores seguem um roteiro, portanto nada é natural. Muitas pessoas acreditam que a vida desses artistas é muito desregrada porque eles dormem muito pouco (como 6 horas por semana!!) e fazem muitos shows. Tudo isso faz com que as pessoas pensem que eles usam drogas e fazem “strip dance”. Dessa maneira, ninguém conhece a personalidade verdadeira deles. Por essa razão, os artistas têm que cuidar muito da imagem.  Por exemplo, as empresas de K-pop não permitem que os cantores namorem entre eles. Por isso, quando eles se apaixonam, têm que usar disfarces para se encontrar.
Concluindo, gosto do K-pop porque é divertido mas não me vejo representada por eles embora, na Coreia esses cantores façam parte da cultura.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What did I learn from my peer review?

What I learned from my peer review was how peer review really helped my understanding of what was essay and how it was. For example, I learned how many "and" I used, and also figured out which vocabulary words I should change. Moving on, I also noticed how many literary devices/literary elements I used in the story even though I wasn’t keeping it in my mind at all. However, I didn’t really find the grading from the friends too helpful, due to the fact that, because we are all friends and everything I really didn’t want to give a harsh grade (well.. at the same time, my partner was actually really good). Due to that, I felt that everything other than that, also involving the plot diagram really helped in the peer review. Next time, I’ll definitely look out at how many words such as things, and, stuff, so, lot, etc. I am using!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Prisoner’s Dilemma Game

When playing the game, all of our team were going by the negative side which was choosing red, so our points went to negative all of a sudden. Yes, I found myself motivated by winning, and kind of a desire for everyone to win. Later on, when the two leaders made an agreement to keep choosing blue, I didn’t quite believe it was going to happen. I knew that one of the two groups were going to betray and just try to win. Well, that mind kind of changed when the other team kept choosing blue with us. I felt that everyone should win and get the cake. However, that definitely did not happen, and I guess I wasn’t too surprised about it. Due to that, I also wanted our team to betray by choosing red the whole time and just both of us losing. Yet, our team were really nice and all hearty and said that it was better to lose by saying the truth instead of lying and winning. That reminded me of the quote, “I'd rather hear an ugly truth, rather than an obscure lie.” Moving on, I didn’t know that there were only 7 rounds, so one of my choice was to keep them winning and get close to 20, and then once they are really close, just let them keep falling by choosing red all the time. I knew that doing this would make them feel really annoyed, etc. Overall, while playing this game, I learned that humans are all about winning, or making others feel bad, and this is exactly the reason why I tell myself not to fully trust someone unless they are your family. (Wow.. I feel so negative writing this :P)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Core Values for Science!

Core Values I am good at:
To start off, I believe that the core value I am good at during science class is responsibility, as well as innovative. To prove this point, I always came to class on time, finished my works, and tried to take notes during class whenever I could. Furthermore, I always try to be positive, and honest to everyone and sometimes strive to make a difference in the lives of others and the community. Moving on, I could say that I try to be innovative. Meaning that I am engaged in creative and imaginative thinking to extend the learning in insightful way. For example, to say that truth, science wasn’t one of my favorite subject, and I just did not like it at all. However, this idea kept changing little by little as I grew up. Now-a-days I sometimes find science really fascinating, and different now that I learned more about it. Yet, the more I learn about it, the more questions I have in my mind. In conclusion, even if I think I am good at these core values, I am still going to try to work more on it! :)

Core Values I need to work on:
I really do think that I need to work on curiosity during Science class. For example, ask more questions, since in my opinion, I don’t really ask questions. Instead, I try to figure them out by myself, which isn’t a bad thing, however, sometimes, I should ask questions. Such as asking questions during class. This also kind of ties to risk taking. Yet, I believe that what I could do is ask at least one question every class. At times, I am kind of afraid of being wrong, which I should definitely try to erase in my mind. I heard that getting some answers wrong, is another way of learning. Moreover, I remember in 7th grade, when Mr.Broderick actually wanted us to get some answers wrong. He got really happy when we didn’t know what it was, and got it wrong. I thought that was really funny, however learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to do it. Mentioned above, I talked about how I had more questions when I learned more about it in my mind. Due to that, I will hopefully try to ask more questions during class, or even afterschool!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vision Board Reflection

Why is this goal important to you?
For me, these goals are important for me because these are what I really like, and like to do. Such as playing violin, piano, baking, drawing cute things (kawaii), donating, recycling, and becoming a teacher. This whole thing basically sums up, and tells what, and who I am.

What are some steps needed to achieve this goal?
Some steps needed to achieve this goal is to practice more instrument (violin and piano). Such as trying to practice every once two days. Not only that, but baking is something that I really like to do. However, these days, I can’t do them because I’ve moved on to High school, and a lot of things are going on. However, to improve on my baking skills, I’m going to try to bake at least every once two weeks, with new recipes. Also, I really like drawing, so I’ll probably draw every week, even if it’s not something big, just sketch, and have fun!

What is necessary for me to do (actions) to start taking these steps?

It is necessary for me to give up other things that are occupying my time. For example, I feel like during the weekends, I can finish my homework fast, and not go to facebook or other social medias, but instead do these things that I mentioned above to improve on them. Basically, I guess not procrastinating, and always keeping on track will help me take these steps.

Sienna Miller and Mushrooms?

1. State who the famous person is
The famous person I chose is Sienna Miller.

2. Explain why this person is /was famous.
        She is famous because she is a British actress, model, and a fashion designer. Moreover, according to google, she had played roles in Layer Cake, Alfie, Factory Girl, The Edge of Love, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Also, she became really renown for dating Jude Law in which she had cheated on.

3. State what drugs they are/were addicted too (tell me the REAL name of the drugs, many articles you read may only identify the slang name of the drug, but you should be able to identify the real drug names)
         The drugs she was addicted to was magic mushrooms, also known as Psilocybin Mushrooms. Some slang names are shrooms, pizza topping, and cogumelos mágicos in Portuguese. Moving on, she had discussed that she loved unusual hallucinogenic drugs, and if she had to choose one, it would be magic mushrooms. "I mean, I still love a waterfall or the odd hallucinogenic drug. I liked mushrooms, which were legal until a year or so ago. If I had a drug of choice, it would be magic mushrooms." (The Guardian, 2007). Not only that, but she had stated that she tried morphine to simulate what heroin would feel like. Yet, Miller didn’t acknowledge how frequently she was doing the drugs.

4. Describe how this person's reputation/health/career change because of the drug use.  (This person may have even died of the drug use).
According to research, thankfully, not much has drugs affected her health. Meaning that of course, she didn’t die of it either. When I read some articles, as mentioned before, she had just stated that she loved the experience, and that pretty much all that was mentioned. What’s funny is that she later said that she’d never raise a family in Hollywood to stay away from the drug scene. “It’s the most medicated place, there’s a whole massive market for really addictive drugs.”

5. When a famous person uses drugs, how do you think this can influence, or affect teens that admire this famous person?
In my opinion, a lot of teens think of their famous person their models, or examples of how to be and become. Due to that, once the famous person you admire uses drugs, they might feel really sad, and surprised that their role model used it. Yet, some might move on and just think that she/he wasn't the person you were thinking they were (like what I do). But sometimes, some people might be so into them, that they agree about their use of drugs. Meaning that THEY might use the drug too later in the future. Because of these reasons, I feel that teenagers shouldn't fully rely on the famous people. These days, too many people (teens) rely on how the society wants them to look like, or do. All in all, famous people using drugs can definitely influence or affect us.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Não Complique a Vida

Ao ler a crônica "Não tente isso em casa" de Matthew Shirts do livro O Jeitinho Americano, comecei a refletir sobre uma amiga minha que era muito parecida com o Phil. Ela ficava muito assustada com coisas muito pequenas. Por exemplo quando o cachorro tinha uma tosse, ela pensava que ele iria morrer. Assim como o irmão do Matthew Shirts fez uma operação de guerra só porque tinha um bolinha de mercúrio no chão. Eu acho que essa crônica é muito interessante principalmente porque essa historia foi baseada num fato real. Além disso, eu gostaria de ter algumas amigas como o Phil porque é muito divertido mas também um pouco louco. Eu aprendi que o mercúrio é toxico. Não sabia sobre isso, porque não tinha nenhuma experiencia com termômetros. Além disso, ri muito quando a esposa do Matthew Shirts ganhou do Phil um termômetro elecrônico digital tão novo, tão avançado que eles não sabiam como utilizá-lo! Haha! Eu nunca tive uma experiéncia tão grande como a do Matthew Shirts, mas lembrei de uma historia que aconteceu quando eu tinha 6 anos e meu irmão tinha 9. Meus pais não estavam em casa e o meu irmão me colocou nas costas e eu cai e desmaiei. O meu irmão ficou muito assustado e quando meus pais chegaram, me levaram para o hospital porque eu tinha machucado a cabeça e estava vomitando muito. Então ler uma crônica faz com que nós relacionemos com a nossa vida e podemos aprender algumas coisas novas. Por isso, estou ansiosa para ler outras crônicas!