Monday, December 2, 2013

Separating Mixtures

In our class, we did an assignment of "separating mixtures". What it was, was to divide iron, sand, and salt. We were able to divide iron very easily just by using magnets, however it made us think when we had to divide sand and salt. We tried many different ways to divide it, and the last way we thought of was to put these two mixtures into the hotplate with water and boil it until the salt evaporated and sand was left in the water. After that, we put it again in the hot plate of the salt water and tried to evaporate the water which took a very long time. The core value of this is higher order thinking, and also communication. If we hadn't communicated and thought of it all together, we wouldn't have been able to divide it. Due to the time, although we were almost able to divide the salt, we had to leave it as salt water. However, I really enjoyed this project, because it was so fun and learned so much. Overall, I really liked this activity and hope to like other activities that I will be doing on Science class! 

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