Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meat..MEAT! (Vegetarian)

It's Way Different being a Vegetarian

I learned that being a vegetarian is very difficult. Not only that, but I realized how I ate meat almost every single day but not vegetables. I felt really bad, however at the same time, since I had a habit of eating meat products every day, it was very challenging especially for me. Whenever I saw it, my stomach would grumble as if there was a poor calling for meat inside. My beliefs about being a vegetarian has totally changed. I was just extremely surprised, and felt sorry for thinking how easy it was being a vegetarian. I didn’t feel full when I didn’t eat the food I wanted but just veggies, however the fact that some people just chose not to, is just incredible. Moreover, it reminded me of how some people just couldn’t eat meat, and also had no other choice. For example, the people that are poor who cannot afford to buy it. I learned how other people who were also vegetarians were so into helping animals, that they didn’t even eat any products from them. Even though I’m not a vegetarian, I thought they were really making a big decision, and was extremely nice. Not only that, but also that some who are just really into belief, and do whatever they think God has told them to do. Being a vegetarian overall is not very easy as I was expecting it to be. It’s not easy since then all the meals from our family has to change just because of me. My mom thankfully tried to give our family vegetarian meals, while I was being a vegetarian. I think that really helped, and made me think less about meat. I once tried to become a vegetarian, and I learned that some decisions may seem easy to make, however it’s actually very hard to handle. I would like to know from specific people who are actually vegetarian who went through these process and how they felt. Not only that, but what made them make this specific decision. I really never admired vegetarian, and thought it was normal, however when I actually did this, I just wanted to bow to them. I disliked how all the food when I was the vegetarian was scrumptious, and tasty. Those were all one of my very favorite meal in school. I felt like as if the cook already knew how some of the 8th graders were a vegetarian so then they just wanted to give amazing food on those specific days just to make us convinced and fall for it. Next time, what I would do is to try another activity, like the Mini-Ramadan. I was actually very surprised that many people did it. I was expecting only one to two people doing that activity however many of my friends have done that. I had asked them before what it was like, and my friends told me that it wasn’t too bad, plus it was only for three days. Also, because I would like to try different activities and learn more about the religion.The final lessons I wanted to share with my classmates is how it seems like being a vegetarian is easy, but once you try it, even for a week it’s hard. I have always thought that being a vegetarian was really no big deal, and for a week, it was nothing. However, I'd have to admit that it was way different than what I had actually thought before. Due to all this experience, I was able to notice that I should imagine my response before I say it aloud just like what I thought about being a vegetarian was.
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  1. Hey Seo Hyun,
    I really liked you podcast! It had really good transitions and was really well thought out. The podcast showed that you really thought and reflected over you experience and that is great! The only thing I could think that you could differently, it removing the :05 seconds, that way you would be under time limitations, but you project is still fantastic and really well narrated!

  2. Hi! My favorite part was the way your voice was really strong in this reflection. It was as if I could hear your voice while reading, and you did a good job explaining your feelings. Something I learned is that giving things up, like meat can be really hard. Maybe you could've added a bit more about your cravings for meat, but overall it was very good. Well done!