Monday, December 9, 2013

Global Collaboration Project Reflection

For the Global Collaboration Project, I was very excited because I love communicating with people from all around the world. Even though I had a hard time in the last project, I wanted to start it fresh, and new and try to communicate better. Due to that, I sent an e-mail to all of my new groups, introducing myself and what I was really happy about was that everyone in my group answered pretty quickly. That's when I knew that my group would be a hard worker, and so I was really excited. Then we got to the point where we had to start our project. Amelia, and Hannah and I were able to video chat really easily several times. We were discussing about how, and what our project should look like. However, what was disappointing was that until the end, we weren't able to video chat with Francisco, and Maria all together. Due to that, Amelia and I were at the point where we were kind of stressed, and since e-mail would be harder to communicate, we just said if they don't keep answering, and don't video chat, then we'll have to do it our own. I kind of thought it was right, however I wanted everyone in my group to collaborate, so I sent them an e-mail of this document that had all the questions from all the categories, and I told them let's answer them all together as a group. Although it wasn't the best idea, it still worked, and I was proud about it. We worked hard, on the brochure, however I had a hard time working on the brochure since it was the time where really we weren't really communicating well so I just had to finish working on it. I have to say that it was challenging to do it myself, however it was actually fun at the same time. Then, we started to work on our Magazine Article project, and because we answered all the questions in the Categories, it was easy to divide and took not really a long time to polish and everything. I really liked how our project turned out, and I think it was just an amazing experience that I wouldn't have much in my life. I would say that I liked our group, they were really nice, and we were able to communicate sometimes, and video chat with Amelia and Hannah as well. I learned that communicating is extremely important to let our group keep moving forward. Without communication, we wouldn't have been able to do this project. Overall, I really enjoyed, and would love to keep chatting with my group members.

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