Monday, November 4, 2013

Vegetarian in Halloween!

31 October 2013 - Day 4

I would like to start off with... Happy Halloween! :D
Meat...MEAT.. I’m hungry for meat now. I feel like I can’t handle it, but I have to. It’s torture! I can’t stop imagining myself eating meat with my family. I know that if I chose to become a vegetarian, I should at least be trying out new vegetables before it ends! However, I don’t like vegetables and that’s the problem. Yesterday, it was surprising because I ate carrot in the curry! Carrot is NOT my favorite vegetable for some reason, however I did eat it last night. I mean, I shouldn’t be thinking about meat anyways for a week. I remember when my family grilled picanha and we ate it all together. It was fantastic! I loved it! Although I love meat, but I feel bad for the animals that are slaughtered. You see, I don’t want to eat animal meat, but my mouth makes me...
Anyways, today for lunch I ate 2 garlic breads, 2 regular breads, 1 sandwich with requeijão, vegetable soup, and salad. It was really hard to eat since the meat they gave us today was the kind I really liked. While my friends were eating it, I felt like I was drooling, and  was able to taste it inside my imagination. It was a horrible situation, however I accomplished what I had to do!
Dinner came, but I wasn’t feeling hungry at all for some reason. I wasn’t being myself where I always run to the dinner table and eat like a cookie monster eating cookies. All in all, I think the day went pretty well, and the lunch that I ate today kept me full the whole entire day.

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