Monday, November 4, 2013

I want MEAT... :(

November 1 2013 - Day 5

      Two more days left... I can’t believe that time passed too fast! I feel like it passed really fast, but at the same time it’s taking me ages to eat meat. It’s so sad, because I am almost adapted to the new “environment” but it is already almost done. I didn’t eat breakfast as usual, then for lunch, I ate a sandwich, mashed cheese-potato with rice, and a bread with margarine. The potato they served us today was very appetizing. I found out that it would be one of my favorite food in our school! These food kept me full, although I forgot to eat vegetables. Then the day went normal just like any other days.
       For dinner, I ate kimchi-soup. It basically a soup that has kimchi. However, there’s of course spices to it. In the picture there are meat, mine had meat too. The hardest part was to scoop only the part that had vegetables, and kimchi but not the meat part. I guess it didn’t taste too bad, but I really did miss meat. Meat, is like one of my family member. When I don’t see them for a long time, I miss them very badly. Whenever I open the refrigerator, I see chicken, or meat that is almost ready to be served. I hate that feeling, and it was basically the first time I felt this way. Usually, I just get it and just maybe bake it a little of how I want it to be, then just put it inside my mouth looking outside. It’s amazing. I really miss those days when I was able to eat meat whenever I wanted to. Also in school, I usually eat bread with ham or rice with meat but now that I can’t, I feel like something big is missing in my food plate. However, I’m never going to give up in this project, and work my best until the end! >.<

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