Monday, November 4, 2013


November 3 2013 - Day 7

     Wow.. I can’t believe that I can FINALLY eat meat tomorrow! I feel like I have been waiting for AGES to eat my little PRECIOUS (you know what it is, right?). Today, my mom told our family that the restaurant was opened in our condominium, so she wanted us to go out and have a family dinner outside. I really wanted to go there and see how it was like, since it was my very first time plus our condominium have been constructing this restaurant for quite a long time. Although I wanted to go there, I didn’t. I was willing to, to see the restaurant, but I didn’t since it was clear that they would serve some kind of meat. Obviously, I knew that if I saw meat in the restaurant being grilled in front of my face, I would just go ahead and just take a huge bite out of it. Due to that I just gave up going there, and I did not regret my choice. Because I wasn’t going to the restaurant, my whole family didn’t  go there. Instead, my mom served chicken, fried egg with vegetables, and soup. When she was cutting the chicken for us, I found out that my chopsticks about 1cm away from the chicken. I was shocked of how my hand even did that. It smelled delightful. I knew that being a vegetarian would end tomorrow, but I was wishing that it would end today. Moreover, my mom asked if we wanted my FAVORITE meat besides picanha (image down below). Of course, I replied no because I was being selfish and didn’t want my brother to eat everything. I just told my mom that I wanted to eat it on Monday since that’s the day I could start eating my favorite meals. Surprisingly, my brother agreed and I was very excited! I’m so glad that this project is over, and it’s totally going to in my memory now. I can’t wait to read these blogs a few years later, and I’ll be laughing at it missing these days.

(It’s similar to bacon, but different)

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