Monday, November 4, 2013

Dizzy... :-/

November 2 2013 - Day 6

     It’s weird... Whenever I stand up to get a cup of water or to walk around, I feel a little bit dizzy. For a few seconds, everything goes black, and then I can see the colors normally again. Because of this, I asked my mom, and she told me it was because I wasn’t eating meat for a long time. That’s when I thought, ‘should I just end this vegetarian activity before I maybe.. FAINT?’ However, I knew that it was going to end on Monday, so I just decided to wait and see what happened.
      I just ate Udon which is a type of thick noodle that is originally from Japan. It tasted really good, and the day went normal as always, with nothing special. Then for dinner, I ate Pat Juk (Image on the bottom). It is basically like feijoão but a “Korean version” of it. It is sweet, has a thicker consistency, and has tteok which is korean rice cake. Sometimes, there are even beans that are shown in the bottom, but the one that my mom made didn’t. She crushed all the beans so that it would dissolve. I drank lots of soup which kept me full until it was time for me to go to bed. Overall, I’m not sure if I would try to become a vegetarian again, however if I were to choose another project, I would probably participate in the mini-ramadan. I thought being a vegetarian would be quite easy, but I changed my mind. People like me, who loves meat would maybe fit better for a mini-ramadan!  

(Tteok is the white round things which is very chewy)

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