Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Science Reflection

      For this project, I believe that we were able to accomplish what we wanted to. I was able to see that I improved, and I also regret because we got a measly point out just because of citations! I thought we did include citations, however when we took a look at it, there wasn't anything. Next time, I will try not to forget about it and read the Rubric again and again one word by one word just to make sure. Not only that, but also for the strong evidence, we could have added the pictures while we were experimenting in the document. Overall, I enjoyed this project, and next time I won't FORGET this memory.

Monday, November 4, 2013


November 3 2013 - Day 7

     Wow.. I can’t believe that I can FINALLY eat meat tomorrow! I feel like I have been waiting for AGES to eat my little PRECIOUS (you know what it is, right?). Today, my mom told our family that the restaurant was opened in our condominium, so she wanted us to go out and have a family dinner outside. I really wanted to go there and see how it was like, since it was my very first time plus our condominium have been constructing this restaurant for quite a long time. Although I wanted to go there, I didn’t. I was willing to, to see the restaurant, but I didn’t since it was clear that they would serve some kind of meat. Obviously, I knew that if I saw meat in the restaurant being grilled in front of my face, I would just go ahead and just take a huge bite out of it. Due to that I just gave up going there, and I did not regret my choice. Because I wasn’t going to the restaurant, my whole family didn’t  go there. Instead, my mom served chicken, fried egg with vegetables, and soup. When she was cutting the chicken for us, I found out that my chopsticks about 1cm away from the chicken. I was shocked of how my hand even did that. It smelled delightful. I knew that being a vegetarian would end tomorrow, but I was wishing that it would end today. Moreover, my mom asked if we wanted my FAVORITE meat besides picanha (image down below). Of course, I replied no because I was being selfish and didn’t want my brother to eat everything. I just told my mom that I wanted to eat it on Monday since that’s the day I could start eating my favorite meals. Surprisingly, my brother agreed and I was very excited! I’m so glad that this project is over, and it’s totally going to in my memory now. I can’t wait to read these blogs a few years later, and I’ll be laughing at it missing these days.

(It’s similar to bacon, but different)

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Dizzy... :-/

November 2 2013 - Day 6

     It’s weird... Whenever I stand up to get a cup of water or to walk around, I feel a little bit dizzy. For a few seconds, everything goes black, and then I can see the colors normally again. Because of this, I asked my mom, and she told me it was because I wasn’t eating meat for a long time. That’s when I thought, ‘should I just end this vegetarian activity before I maybe.. FAINT?’ However, I knew that it was going to end on Monday, so I just decided to wait and see what happened.
      I just ate Udon which is a type of thick noodle that is originally from Japan. It tasted really good, and the day went normal as always, with nothing special. Then for dinner, I ate Pat Juk (Image on the bottom). It is basically like feijoão but a “Korean version” of it. It is sweet, has a thicker consistency, and has tteok which is korean rice cake. Sometimes, there are even beans that are shown in the bottom, but the one that my mom made didn’t. She crushed all the beans so that it would dissolve. I drank lots of soup which kept me full until it was time for me to go to bed. Overall, I’m not sure if I would try to become a vegetarian again, however if I were to choose another project, I would probably participate in the mini-ramadan. I thought being a vegetarian would be quite easy, but I changed my mind. People like me, who loves meat would maybe fit better for a mini-ramadan!  

(Tteok is the white round things which is very chewy)

Pat Juk. Digital image. N.p., n.d. Web. <>.

I want MEAT... :(

November 1 2013 - Day 5

      Two more days left... I can’t believe that time passed too fast! I feel like it passed really fast, but at the same time it’s taking me ages to eat meat. It’s so sad, because I am almost adapted to the new “environment” but it is already almost done. I didn’t eat breakfast as usual, then for lunch, I ate a sandwich, mashed cheese-potato with rice, and a bread with margarine. The potato they served us today was very appetizing. I found out that it would be one of my favorite food in our school! These food kept me full, although I forgot to eat vegetables. Then the day went normal just like any other days.
       For dinner, I ate kimchi-soup. It basically a soup that has kimchi. However, there’s of course spices to it. In the picture there are meat, mine had meat too. The hardest part was to scoop only the part that had vegetables, and kimchi but not the meat part. I guess it didn’t taste too bad, but I really did miss meat. Meat, is like one of my family member. When I don’t see them for a long time, I miss them very badly. Whenever I open the refrigerator, I see chicken, or meat that is almost ready to be served. I hate that feeling, and it was basically the first time I felt this way. Usually, I just get it and just maybe bake it a little of how I want it to be, then just put it inside my mouth looking outside. It’s amazing. I really miss those days when I was able to eat meat whenever I wanted to. Also in school, I usually eat bread with ham or rice with meat but now that I can’t, I feel like something big is missing in my food plate. However, I’m never going to give up in this project, and work my best until the end! >.<

Kimchi Soup. Digital image. N.p., n.d. Web. <>.

Vegetarian in Halloween!

31 October 2013 - Day 4

I would like to start off with... Happy Halloween! :D
Meat...MEAT.. I’m hungry for meat now. I feel like I can’t handle it, but I have to. It’s torture! I can’t stop imagining myself eating meat with my family. I know that if I chose to become a vegetarian, I should at least be trying out new vegetables before it ends! However, I don’t like vegetables and that’s the problem. Yesterday, it was surprising because I ate carrot in the curry! Carrot is NOT my favorite vegetable for some reason, however I did eat it last night. I mean, I shouldn’t be thinking about meat anyways for a week. I remember when my family grilled picanha and we ate it all together. It was fantastic! I loved it! Although I love meat, but I feel bad for the animals that are slaughtered. You see, I don’t want to eat animal meat, but my mouth makes me...
Anyways, today for lunch I ate 2 garlic breads, 2 regular breads, 1 sandwich with requeijão, vegetable soup, and salad. It was really hard to eat since the meat they gave us today was the kind I really liked. While my friends were eating it, I felt like I was drooling, and  was able to taste it inside my imagination. It was a horrible situation, however I accomplished what I had to do!
Dinner came, but I wasn’t feeling hungry at all for some reason. I wasn’t being myself where I always run to the dinner table and eat like a cookie monster eating cookies. All in all, I think the day went pretty well, and the lunch that I ate today kept me full the whole entire day.