Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today went... fine!

30 October 2013 - Day 3

As usual, I didn’t eat breakfast in the morning. However, the food from last night kept me full until lunch. Finally it was lunch time, and I got super hungry. Or should I say I was starving. I was astonished at the menu today since it was spaghetti and also garlic bread. Plus, I love garlic bread so much! Anyways, I ended up eating 8 garlic breads, chicken soup and spaghetti with tomato sauce. It wasn’t a huge problem for me since I never eat spaghetti with the meat sauce that they have in school. Now into more details about the chicken soup, I only took a spoonful of the top part just like Ms.Weiss told us to do. I was really hoping that no chicken would come up, and it didn’t much. However there were tiny pieces in there, which made me disturbed. Due to that, I just had to eat small bits of chicken. For some reason, I think I just had to since the chicken was already kind of dissolved in with the soup so I had to eat it together. (There was only a teeny amount anyways) I forgot to mention that I also had apple cinnamon cake for dessert. After consuming a lot of food, I finally felt that I had enough.
By the time I arrived home, I ate pão de queijo and pizza!On Monday, I remember that I really wanted to eat pizza very badly, however I had to give up on it since it had pepperoni. This time, my mom made me her very own without meat which was very luscious.
Dinner arrived, which seemed that the time passed very fast. I ate curry (image on the bottom) without meat. Due to that, it was curry with carrot and potatoes. In fact, it was very interesting, because it was the very first time that I ate curry without meat! Furthermore, it tasted basically the same even without it. Four days to go, and hopefully there will be something yummy for tomorrow!

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