Friday, October 4, 2013

Partner work

1. What do you think was the best part of your states of matter experimental design project?
The best part of the project was having fun, and actually being able to answer the question we made. I really liked the way how our teacher let us choose our partners, because I think that made it easier and happier for all the students including me.

2. What was the most difficult or frustrating part of your project?
Although it’s a good thing when it comes to science, it was very frustrating when we had to do the experiment over and over again, due to checking if we did was right, or either we did something wrong.
Not only that, but it was also challenging to make our own question that we wanted to answer, and so we had to think properly to made a better question so that we could have an enjoying, and more challenging experiment.

3. What problems/challenges did you run into as you worked on your project? What steps did you take to overcome these challenges?
The challenges that were made was when we made mistakes. We made so many mistakes that it drove me crazy. We had nothing to do, but re-experimenting until we thought it made sense, and without any small mistakes. Also, we chose to experiment with coke, milk, and alcohol. However, we later noticed that we couldn’t do alcohol since it was flammable and we had to try it if it turned into a gas. But we really wanted to choose it since alcohol didn’t freeze, and it was different from other liquids. Later on, we decided to choose milk, which I didn’t think it was super interesting since the liquids all had kind of like a same purpose but just different amount of time it froze, and also turned into a gas.
4. Thinking of your own project, what would you do differently next time?
What I would do differently next time is also doing the rate (how much time is takes) of how fast per hour it takes to freeze and turn into a gas since it can be more precise. Also, I would choose another liquid that’s not alcohol, but doesn’t freeze and is different from others (inflammable). We actually tried to find it, but couldn’t maybe due to lack of time. However, we will be searching it up, and trying to find a better and more exciting material!

5. Was your own project challenging enough for you, or could you have chosen something that was more difficult? Did you work as hard as you could have? Why or why not?
The project was challenging for us, since we also had to stay after school and work on it, but it wasn’t overly too hard.  I guess next time we can choose something more difficult. If we hadn’t made many silly mistakes, then I guess it wouldn’t have been so much time consuming but since we did, it was a whole new experience.

6. Did you work alone or with a partner? Would you choose to do that again? Why or why not?
I worked with a partner, because I thought it would be better to communicate together, and I wouldn’t feel lonely doing the experiment. I personally think it’s better to do it together since then we can improve our communication skills, and get closer as a friend and also if I didn’t know something, maybe my partner did. Next time, I would definitely do it with a partner again. I think it’s more exciting and enjoying!

7. Are you happy with the topic you chose? Why or why not?
I am happy with the topic I chose because I feel that it’s just the topic that I was confused, and wanted to learn about. Now that I learned the exact time at a freezing point, maybe when I ice something and try to make it into an ice-cream it can help me.  Also, many people seemed to do the viscosity questions which I thought was too much, so I’m happy that we did something a little bit different.  

8. Do you feel you were prepared enough to submit your project when you did?
 Why or why not?  
I believe that I was prepared to submit the project because we were able to finish it, and we also stayed after school working on the document and also experimenting.  Not only that, but before we submitted we read the document over and over again making sure that it did make sense, and we also did the format that was written.

9. Self Evaluation
Evaluate yourself in these 5 areas.  (5 is highest, 1 is lowest) Highlight the number that you feel best describes your overall performance.  Feel free to explain your ratings in the space below.
Knowledge about your topic           1       2       3       4       5
Effort/Hard Work                           1       2       3       4       5
Overall project                                1    2       3       4       5

I believe that I know about my topic, but I don’t know it as well like a scientists like super mega ultra good at it. I just learned about it so I gave myself a 4. Secondly, for effort and hard work, we actually did work really hard on it always staying after school, and chatting about it in the document. Lastly, I think due to our hard effort I believe that our overall project is a 5/5 in my opinion. We answered all the questions, and also tried our experiment several times to make sure it was accurate.

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