Thursday, October 24, 2013

Packets we've been working on so far...

      What I want to share is about the packet that we worked during our geography class. I believe that it has really helped throughout to study for the test, and to also study of how the world actually looks like. It's the first time for me to work on this type of thing, and I think it really helps a lot. However, sometimes the packet drives me crazy since it's long and I feel like finishing it in time, but sometimes I feel comfortable working on it. I don't find it extremely hard, but once I know the map, capitals, and everything, it's just easy as eating a piece of cake. I've finished 2 packets so far except the Digital Exploration, and is working on the third one which is North Asian packet. I personally think it's great to have a choice to do for the last page which is a question that is like: "If you are at (38N, 68E), you are probably in what country/city?" It's great how there's an opportunity that we CAN do not something that just MAKES us do. 
      Anyway, some things that are in the packet is drawing the map, and also putting geographic features. Not only that, but there's also "Which One Doesn't Belong?" There are Map 1, 2, 3... which I think are extremely useful since the quiz are kind of like it so to me, it's like a little study guide. Moreover, the Atlas Exercise is something that's quite challenging since that's when I just start to think in my head (not look at the map) and see what the country is if it's surrounded by some certain countries. Lastly, there's also Border Patrol, and to say the truth, I don't really get why it's helpful, but I can improve on my drawing skills! Overall, this is my reflection about the packets! :) 

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