Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nuggets.... I will never forget this day...

29 October 2013 - Day 2

Today is the second day. For some reason, I even forgot when I took a shower. Is it because I’m not eating meat at all? Today, I didn’t really eat breakfast, but I’m not used to eating a lot in the morning so it didn’t really matter for me. I was able to survive two classes in the morning. Then the time came. It was lunch time! I knew I wasn’t so happy about it even though I love eating. The reason was because there was CHICKEN NUGGETS, and guess what, I couldn’t even eat it. Plus, nuggets is my #1 favorite food in school because I feel like I’m on top of a rainbow when I just take a bite of it with ketchup. However, today I couldn’t which made my day really sorrowful. Instead, I ate three breads, salad with tomatoes, sandwich, soup, and jelly. For some reason, I knew it would be enough for me, but I didn’t feel full for some reason. Like I had that feeling that my stomach was complete, just that I wanted to consume even more food. When I went to the serving place to get soup, the first thing I smelled was, of course, nuggets. I fell in love with the scent, so then I just cut a tiny piece. Then, there was in a war inside my head. It was whether to eat a tiny bit, or just not eat at all. I was just staring at it until the elementary kids came, so my conclusion was to just give up and let the children eat it. They were staring at me as if I were weird since I just had my eyes fixed on it. It was like losing a precious treasure.  
Moving on, after I came home from school, I ate ramen (picture in the bottom). It is a type of korean noodle, and there’s a choice whether you can put meat, however I DIDN’T. I guess it still tasted palatable though.
For dinner, the menu was spaghetti, but I couldn’t eat it since the sauce had meat. My annoying brother kept teasing me for not being able to eat the appetizing food, so I just ended up eating pão de queijo with milk. It was okay, but I can say that it’s not my favorite dinner menu at all. That’s basically how my day ended with the meal, and I guess it’s going not that bad. It’s going to be a long week for me.


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