Friday, October 4, 2013

I want a dog...

This is a picture of my I Believe essay (But there are more)

This is my video uploaded in "This I Believe" site.

     This is the I Believe project that we all worked on. Many people chose the audio but I decided to make a video since I already had an idea what to do. We first wrote an essay of it, and after that we had to record it or make a video. I think it shows growth over time in writing because it helps on our grammar, conventions. Not only that, but it also helped improve on my video-making skills. Each of us first had to answer many questions, and then from that, we chose the best 5 then to 3, and later had to choose only 1.
      Moving on, I decided to choose "This I Believe" for my Student-led conference because I felt that it was something big, and very important that we did in class. Moreover, this essay really helped me improve on writing, and after I got the feedback, I learned my mistakes and knew what I to work on.
     When working on this piece, it really made me go back to the past and think about how I felt, and what I did. I had to feel as if I was in this situation, and as if I was dreaming about it. It brought me many memories back which became emotional for me. Overall, my goal this year is to improve on my grammar, and also to write longer in a short period of time like we do in Writer's Notebook. 

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