Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5 Pressing Problem...

These are the e-mails in which we were communicating in. I just made a folder just to make it neater and easier to find our e-mails. 

 This is the document to start taking notes about the 5 Pressing Problems we chose.

We just made a little google presentation for our project.

          I believe that this project shows growth, and also challenge. I chose growth because we can see how much we've proceeded in the project, and how well we are doing a step at a time. Secondly, I chose challenge since it is challenging to work with people from around the world communicating. Not only that, but it's difficult to do that since there is a time difference and so we can't talk quite often. Due to that, it can be time consuming, however I think it's going okay right now since we're not too behind. To be more specific, we (Charlotte, Bryan, Nicky, and I) are working right now on the notes so that the writing becomes easier in the presentation. What I learned doing the 5 Pressing Problems project until now is that things may not seem to go the way I want it to be, however I just need to be patient.

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