Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Today went... fine!

30 October 2013 - Day 3

As usual, I didn’t eat breakfast in the morning. However, the food from last night kept me full until lunch. Finally it was lunch time, and I got super hungry. Or should I say I was starving. I was astonished at the menu today since it was spaghetti and also garlic bread. Plus, I love garlic bread so much! Anyways, I ended up eating 8 garlic breads, chicken soup and spaghetti with tomato sauce. It wasn’t a huge problem for me since I never eat spaghetti with the meat sauce that they have in school. Now into more details about the chicken soup, I only took a spoonful of the top part just like Ms.Weiss told us to do. I was really hoping that no chicken would come up, and it didn’t much. However there were tiny pieces in there, which made me disturbed. Due to that, I just had to eat small bits of chicken. For some reason, I think I just had to since the chicken was already kind of dissolved in with the soup so I had to eat it together. (There was only a teeny amount anyways) I forgot to mention that I also had apple cinnamon cake for dessert. After consuming a lot of food, I finally felt that I had enough.
By the time I arrived home, I ate pão de queijo and pizza!On Monday, I remember that I really wanted to eat pizza very badly, however I had to give up on it since it had pepperoni. This time, my mom made me her very own without meat which was very luscious.
Dinner arrived, which seemed that the time passed very fast. I ate curry (image on the bottom) without meat. Due to that, it was curry with carrot and potatoes. In fact, it was very interesting, because it was the very first time that I ate curry without meat! Furthermore, it tasted basically the same even without it. Four days to go, and hopefully there will be something yummy for tomorrow!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nuggets.... I will never forget this day...

29 October 2013 - Day 2

Today is the second day. For some reason, I even forgot when I took a shower. Is it because I’m not eating meat at all? Today, I didn’t really eat breakfast, but I’m not used to eating a lot in the morning so it didn’t really matter for me. I was able to survive two classes in the morning. Then the time came. It was lunch time! I knew I wasn’t so happy about it even though I love eating. The reason was because there was CHICKEN NUGGETS, and guess what, I couldn’t even eat it. Plus, nuggets is my #1 favorite food in school because I feel like I’m on top of a rainbow when I just take a bite of it with ketchup. However, today I couldn’t which made my day really sorrowful. Instead, I ate three breads, salad with tomatoes, sandwich, soup, and jelly. For some reason, I knew it would be enough for me, but I didn’t feel full for some reason. Like I had that feeling that my stomach was complete, just that I wanted to consume even more food. When I went to the serving place to get soup, the first thing I smelled was, of course, nuggets. I fell in love with the scent, so then I just cut a tiny piece. Then, there was in a war inside my head. It was whether to eat a tiny bit, or just not eat at all. I was just staring at it until the elementary kids came, so my conclusion was to just give up and let the children eat it. They were staring at me as if I were weird since I just had my eyes fixed on it. It was like losing a precious treasure.  
Moving on, after I came home from school, I ate ramen (picture in the bottom). It is a type of korean noodle, and there’s a choice whether you can put meat, however I DIDN’T. I guess it still tasted palatable though.
For dinner, the menu was spaghetti, but I couldn’t eat it since the sauce had meat. My annoying brother kept teasing me for not being able to eat the appetizing food, so I just ended up eating pão de queijo with milk. It was okay, but I can say that it’s not my favorite dinner menu at all. That’s basically how my day ended with the meal, and I guess it’s going not that bad. It’s going to be a long week for me.


Monday, October 28, 2013

The Very First & Last Experience in my Life!

28 October 2013 - Day 1

For me, I have never been a vegetarian, and to say the truth, I don’t really enjoy eating vegetables at all. However, I have always kept in mind that I should since it would be a benefit for my own health. I have always eaten meat and rice everyday at school and sometimes bread and dessert for later. Now that I think about it, I haven’t really eaten salad. Instead it’s rare when I do. Hopefully, now that I have to become a vegetarian for seven days, I am quite excited but at the same time, worried because I have to fight what my stomach wants me to eat. I can see that it’s going to be very challenging for me.
Today at lunch, I kept forgetting that I couldn’t eat meat. I was very hungry, and was about to grab it when it suddenly came to mind that I couldn’t. Luana said she was able to handle the meat that was given today, but I loved the type of meat they served. It was basically one of my favorite food! I couldn’t bare myself not eating it, however I just tried and just ate broccoli with cream, and plain bread. I just noticed I only ate cream instead of broccoli! Yet, I understand it since I don’t like broccolis, and at least I didn’t eat any kind of meat. I guess the bread and cream made me full throughout the 2 classes.
After school ended, mom and I went to the supermarket. I knew I wasn’t going to buy any kind of meat at all and I tried to keep that in mind. Surprisingly, I found myself in the meat section where there were bacon, sausage, salami, ham, etc. I was astonished of how I even ended up there. Because I knew that I couldn’t eat any kind of meat, I decided to eat pizza. I was going to buy pepperoni pizza, and when I tried to put it in the cart, my mom told me that it was pepperoni, which was basically meat. I felt as if I was forgetting what meat was. Due to that, I gave up buying pizza and just ended up buying pão de queijo. You have no idea how I felt when I couldn’t choose the pepperoni pizza. I was just asking myself, ‘should I really become a vegetarian?’  
Moving on, for dinner, I ate fish cakes (picture on the bottom). I didn’t take a picture because my phone battery was all gone, however I found a picture and that’s how it basically looks like. I guess I was able to live without meat today, but hopefully I can live like this for the rest of the week.
Overall, I feel like I’m not so used to this new “environment”, however I am going to try my best, and try to make my goal come true. Although I’m really sad that there will be nuggets tomorrow, which is basically my favorite food I will try my best. Hopefully, I will survive!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Packets we've been working on so far...

      What I want to share is about the packet that we worked during our geography class. I believe that it has really helped throughout to study for the test, and to also study of how the world actually looks like. It's the first time for me to work on this type of thing, and I think it really helps a lot. However, sometimes the packet drives me crazy since it's long and I feel like finishing it in time, but sometimes I feel comfortable working on it. I don't find it extremely hard, but once I know the map, capitals, and everything, it's just easy as eating a piece of cake. I've finished 2 packets so far except the Digital Exploration, and is working on the third one which is North Asian packet. I personally think it's great to have a choice to do for the last page which is a question that is like: "If you are at (38N, 68E), you are probably in what country/city?" It's great how there's an opportunity that we CAN do not something that just MAKES us do. 
      Anyway, some things that are in the packet is drawing the map, and also putting geographic features. Not only that, but there's also "Which One Doesn't Belong?" There are Map 1, 2, 3... which I think are extremely useful since the quiz are kind of like it so to me, it's like a little study guide. Moreover, the Atlas Exercise is something that's quite challenging since that's when I just start to think in my head (not look at the map) and see what the country is if it's surrounded by some certain countries. Lastly, there's also Border Patrol, and to say the truth, I don't really get why it's helpful, but I can improve on my drawing skills! Overall, this is my reflection about the packets! :) 

Science test grade reflection...

         For my science test grade, I'm pretty proud of it because I have improved. However, I feel bad because I got 2 points taken by not answering a question in which I already knew the answer. Next time, I should read the all the problem and check if I answered all the questions. Despite the fact that I lost 2 points, I still achieved a grade that I was happy with. Moreover, I was able to see that I improved, and next time I will study even harder so that I could achieve an even better result. For me, science was always a hard, challenging class for me, so next time, I'm going to try to ask more questions frequently to make sure that I understand everything clearly. Overall, this was my reflection and I hope I can accomplish my new goal next time!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What did we do?

Essential Understanding: People’s decisions and actions affect their performance in different field events

Essential Questions:
  • What movement skills are need to be successful in different field events?
  • What are my responsibilities regarding my participation in field events? (safety, fair play, respect appreciation of all levels, positive behavior in competition, aspects of performance that need improving)
  • How can the skills and attitudes learned in field events be used in other sports and activities?

The skills that we need to be successful in field events is to be able to control yourself. If you know when to run, when to stop, and how to push yourself when running, then that would be very helpful in this unit. Some groups were running extremely fast and some weren’t, I think that was the part that wasn’t so fair. Not only that, but we basically stayed with the same group so then the results were always the same. Anyways, my responsibilities were safety for the first, to have a fair play, and positive behavior in competitions. Safety, because nobody wants someone to be hurt while running. Secondly, a fair play since if somebody cheated then that team would have won all the time just by doing nothing but cheating. Thirdly, having a positive behavior in competitions is always nice. I mean if someone is mean and sad while doing this activity,  it also makes me feel kind of mad for some reason. Moving on, the skills I learned is to stop fast, and how to start running for a better result. Not only that, but because we kept practicing running, I believe that my running skills improved and got a lot faster. Also, although we only did the jumping for only few classes, it was fun and I know that the amount of how long I can jump got way better than the past.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Movement skills (running, jumping)
Performs movement skill with limited competence
Performs movement skill with moderate competence
Performs movement skill with considerable competence
Performs movement skill with a high degree of competence
Safe use of procedures and equipment
Infrequently uses procedures and equipment safely and correctly
Sometime uses procedures and equipment safely and correctly
Regularly uses procedures and equipment safely and correctly
Always or almost always uses procedures and equipment safely and correctly
Behaviour and strategies that enhance participation and personal success in field events
Infrequently demonstrates appropriate behaviour and strategies
Sometimes demonstrates appropriate behaviour and strategies

Regularly demonstrates appropriate behaviour and strategies

Always or almost always demonstrates appropriate behaviour and strategies

Comments: I believe that my running, and jumping performed a skill with a high degree of competence. To support it, I don’t think I run too slow but at the same time not too fast. I run at a right speed, and although I can’t jump so far like the boys, I try my best. That’s why I highlighted “almost always”.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Partner work

1. What do you think was the best part of your states of matter experimental design project?
The best part of the project was having fun, and actually being able to answer the question we made. I really liked the way how our teacher let us choose our partners, because I think that made it easier and happier for all the students including me.

2. What was the most difficult or frustrating part of your project?
Although it’s a good thing when it comes to science, it was very frustrating when we had to do the experiment over and over again, due to checking if we did was right, or either we did something wrong.
Not only that, but it was also challenging to make our own question that we wanted to answer, and so we had to think properly to made a better question so that we could have an enjoying, and more challenging experiment.

3. What problems/challenges did you run into as you worked on your project? What steps did you take to overcome these challenges?
The challenges that were made was when we made mistakes. We made so many mistakes that it drove me crazy. We had nothing to do, but re-experimenting until we thought it made sense, and without any small mistakes. Also, we chose to experiment with coke, milk, and alcohol. However, we later noticed that we couldn’t do alcohol since it was flammable and we had to try it if it turned into a gas. But we really wanted to choose it since alcohol didn’t freeze, and it was different from other liquids. Later on, we decided to choose milk, which I didn’t think it was super interesting since the liquids all had kind of like a same purpose but just different amount of time it froze, and also turned into a gas.
4. Thinking of your own project, what would you do differently next time?
What I would do differently next time is also doing the rate (how much time is takes) of how fast per hour it takes to freeze and turn into a gas since it can be more precise. Also, I would choose another liquid that’s not alcohol, but doesn’t freeze and is different from others (inflammable). We actually tried to find it, but couldn’t maybe due to lack of time. However, we will be searching it up, and trying to find a better and more exciting material!

5. Was your own project challenging enough for you, or could you have chosen something that was more difficult? Did you work as hard as you could have? Why or why not?
The project was challenging for us, since we also had to stay after school and work on it, but it wasn’t overly too hard.  I guess next time we can choose something more difficult. If we hadn’t made many silly mistakes, then I guess it wouldn’t have been so much time consuming but since we did, it was a whole new experience.

6. Did you work alone or with a partner? Would you choose to do that again? Why or why not?
I worked with a partner, because I thought it would be better to communicate together, and I wouldn’t feel lonely doing the experiment. I personally think it’s better to do it together since then we can improve our communication skills, and get closer as a friend and also if I didn’t know something, maybe my partner did. Next time, I would definitely do it with a partner again. I think it’s more exciting and enjoying!

7. Are you happy with the topic you chose? Why or why not?
I am happy with the topic I chose because I feel that it’s just the topic that I was confused, and wanted to learn about. Now that I learned the exact time at a freezing point, maybe when I ice something and try to make it into an ice-cream it can help me.  Also, many people seemed to do the viscosity questions which I thought was too much, so I’m happy that we did something a little bit different.  

8. Do you feel you were prepared enough to submit your project when you did?
 Why or why not?  
I believe that I was prepared to submit the project because we were able to finish it, and we also stayed after school working on the document and also experimenting.  Not only that, but before we submitted we read the document over and over again making sure that it did make sense, and we also did the format that was written.

9. Self Evaluation
Evaluate yourself in these 5 areas.  (5 is highest, 1 is lowest) Highlight the number that you feel best describes your overall performance.  Feel free to explain your ratings in the space below.
Knowledge about your topic           1       2       3       4       5
Effort/Hard Work                           1       2       3       4       5
Overall project                                1    2       3       4       5

I believe that I know about my topic, but I don’t know it as well like a scientists like super mega ultra good at it. I just learned about it so I gave myself a 4. Secondly, for effort and hard work, we actually did work really hard on it always staying after school, and chatting about it in the document. Lastly, I think due to our hard effort I believe that our overall project is a 5/5 in my opinion. We answered all the questions, and also tried our experiment several times to make sure it was accurate.

I want a dog...

This is a picture of my I Believe essay (But there are more)

This is my video uploaded in "This I Believe" site.

     This is the I Believe project that we all worked on. Many people chose the audio but I decided to make a video since I already had an idea what to do. We first wrote an essay of it, and after that we had to record it or make a video. I think it shows growth over time in writing because it helps on our grammar, conventions. Not only that, but it also helped improve on my video-making skills. Each of us first had to answer many questions, and then from that, we chose the best 5 then to 3, and later had to choose only 1.
      Moving on, I decided to choose "This I Believe" for my Student-led conference because I felt that it was something big, and very important that we did in class. Moreover, this essay really helped me improve on writing, and after I got the feedback, I learned my mistakes and knew what I to work on.
     When working on this piece, it really made me go back to the past and think about how I felt, and what I did. I had to feel as if I was in this situation, and as if I was dreaming about it. It brought me many memories back which became emotional for me. Overall, my goal this year is to improve on my grammar, and also to write longer in a short period of time like we do in Writer's Notebook. 

Depois a CWW

     This is a paragraph that we wrote after we went to the CWW Trip. This task was very challenging and it was risk taking because writing what happened during our trip all in portuguese was difficult. Plus, we also had to add pretérito perfeito composto, no pretérito mais que perfeito composto and no futuro do pretérito. Not only that, but we were going to get extra points if we used obliquos. Thankfully, because I had this really helpful chart that I made before, it became easier for me to use those verbs (exept for obliquos since we learned that quite recently). However, I had a fun time choosing the images from CWW, and also a little bit for writing the paragraphs since I knew I had improved!

Semana passada, eu fui para Minas Gerais! Mais especificamente, eu fui para Ouro Preto, Mariana e Inhotim. Essa última cidade era favorita! Eu não queria ir lá porque eu sabia que ia ficar muito cansada, mas eu não tive escolha. Quando eu cheguei no hotel, eu fiquei muito feliz porque eu sabia que eu iria descansar. Mas era diferente. Nós tínhamos que ir para o restaurante de ônibus de novo. Eu fique chateada quando eu ouvi isso. Depois que nós tínhamos comido, nós assistimos capoeira. Quando eram onze horas, nós fomos para o nosso hotel e dormimos. O que eu mais gostei foi o
sorvete! Eu também devorei muitas balas! Trouxe algumas para São Paulo e vou
comê-las com minha família.
Eu gostei muito de Inhotim, então eu vou falar sobre isso. Primeiramente, a comida lá era muito deliciosa com frutas, espaguete e também sobremesas de pudim e chocolate. Em Inhotim, eu vi os lagos muito azuis e com peixes. Era como o céu, e era tão bonito que eu queria nadar lá. Eu adorei os souvenirs porque as coisas eram muito bonitas. Mas tinha um problema: eu não poderia comprá-las porque eram MUITO caras. Eu só comprei uma caneta e um caderno pequeno, mas isso custou 50 reais!! Nós tinhamos visitado muitas salas especiais. Não poderia fotografá-las porque era
proibido tirar fotos na parte interna do museu! :( Depois de muitas horas, quando eu voltei para  minha casa, eu estava muito feliz porque eu sentia muitas saudades da minha família
Concluindo, essa viagem foi uma boa, uma aventura fantástica! Gostaria
de repeti-la com minha família no futuro!! Gostei tanto que tenho mostrado as fotos para as minhas amigas da Coreia. (Susie Kim, Michell Koh)


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5 Pressing Problem...

These are the e-mails in which we were communicating in. I just made a folder just to make it neater and easier to find our e-mails. 

 This is the document to start taking notes about the 5 Pressing Problems we chose.

We just made a little google presentation for our project.

          I believe that this project shows growth, and also challenge. I chose growth because we can see how much we've proceeded in the project, and how well we are doing a step at a time. Secondly, I chose challenge since it is challenging to work with people from around the world communicating. Not only that, but it's difficult to do that since there is a time difference and so we can't talk quite often. Due to that, it can be time consuming, however I think it's going okay right now since we're not too behind. To be more specific, we (Charlotte, Bryan, Nicky, and I) are working right now on the notes so that the writing becomes easier in the presentation. What I learned doing the 5 Pressing Problems project until now is that things may not seem to go the way I want it to be, however I just need to be patient.